energy bars

The name says it all

Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars

Energy bars are a staple for endurance athletes, outdoor adventurers and people too busy to stop for a proper meal. But even though they’ve been around for over twenty years, most still taste like cardboard and are sticky enough to be used to patch a rusted muffler in a pinch. Why can’t they taste like...

Smal Bar, Big Taste

Clif Bars Mini

Being in college and eating a fulfilling, healthy meal is about as hard as narrowing down the long list of analogies the long list of analogies that I mercifully chose not to insert here. Luckily, I’ve had Clif Bars. The small chunks of goodness are easy to pack, offer a disproportionately huge amount of protein,...

Gear Patrol Gets Powered Up

What’s the Goo (Or Best Energy Bar) for You?

By Gear Patrol Reader Kirk Ward When walking into your favorite running, biking, or sporting goods store, you’re usually confronted with a variety of powders, gels, bars, etc. that promise to make you RUN FASTER, GO FURTHER, LIFT A SMALL AIRPLANE, CLIMB MT. EVEREST (cue Powerthirst YouTube clip). The claims can get confusing, so we’re...

Balance Bare

No type-o, they’re actually called Balance Bare. The new 100 calorie nutritional energy bar from Balance comes in several sweet & salty or trail mix combinations ranging from Chocolate Almond to Cinnamon Oats & Honey The bars contain: 13g of protein 5g of whole grain 23 vitamins and minerals Whole grain oats and real nuts...

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