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The War of the Brews

CB Industries Jules Espresso Maker

Whether the result of sipping the caffeine-laden mixture it produces or simply seeing its form in your periphery, the CB Industries Jules Espresso Maker ($~1390) will surely open bleary morning eyes. This limited edition espresso maker, created by Swiss artist and Designer Carlo Borer, features a beautifully polished stainless-steel

As flexible as it is portable

Handpresso Wild Hybrid

We've already established that the Handpresso is a great security blanket for coffee fiends with a penchant for outdoor adventures. It's one achilles heal is a dependence on Easy Serve Espresso pods. Handpresso clearly heard the gripes of purists everywhere

Argument Against Auto

Presso Hand-Pressed Espresso Maker

Does the much fabled "perfect pull" exist? We may never know. But rest assured that espresso aficionados and crema-snobs are, like all gear heads, on the search. Besides finding the perfect bean, the most contended aspect of great espresso is the