Breaking Down an ETA Watch Movement

How Does an Automatic Watch Movement Work?

Just what are you looking at when you flip over your Tissot or Swiss Army watch and peer through the case back crystal at that ETA automatic? It's time to learn. We break down the parts of an ETA automatic watch movement.

Pulling the Plug

Opinion: Is Swiss Watch Movement Maker ETA Cutting Off the Competition or Improving the Breed?

Swiss watch movement maker ETA supplies much of the horological world with movements and ébauches (partial movements in need of finishing). Then in 2002 Nicholas Hayek, then chairman of The Swatch Group (ETA’s parent company), announced that ETA would soon begin tapering back the supply of ébauches to the world of Swiss watchmaking beyond their sister brands. Effectively, the Swatch Group decided to stop selling to the competition, albeit gradually. The uproar was tremendous.

Know your movements

Timekeeping: The Importance of In-House

When most people start getting interested in timepieces, the first thing that usually attracts them is the appearance. A distinctive dial, a unique case shape, even a nice strap can draw in the uninitiated. Then they notice watches whose hands sweep smoothly, driven by springs and gears versus the tick-tick that gives away battery driven...

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