Today in Gear: January 30, 2014

Today in Gear, we find a tool to help you rock harder than ever before, a mad scientist's sous vide, a handsome home for iPad minis and more.

Berger's Blend

Staff Favorites: Jeremy Berger

The tenth installment of our Staff Favorites series features Mr. Jeremy Berger. As far as life experiences go, Jeremy's raced so far ahead of the pack that he's threatening to lap us. Last summer he trained for and completed an Ironman in Louisville. He lived abroad in Germany after graduating as a Fulbright Scholar; he drank whiskey with good ole boys while working as a line cook in Mississippi; he's a natural (and trained) culinary whiz; recently, he adventured through a certain embargoed Caribbean island. His favorite gear is many-faceted, fun and useful, the signature of an aggressive and full approach to life.

Staff Favorites

Today in Gear: April 12, 2013

Victorinox Bike Tool It’s taken this long? Bikers are the perfect recipients of a Swiss Army tool. An L-wrench with 8 bits and a set of tire levers in one small form is perfectly in line with the biker mantra, “big bulges in our shorts, little bulges in our saddlebags”. $48 (★) Ballast Time Instruments...

Killer Trash Talk Not Included

Item of the Week: Everlast Ali Collection (Sponsored)

Even if you don’t intend to earn your keep bobbin’ and weavin’, owning the Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection ($8-$110) is one way to show your respect for The Greatest. Each piece stands outs from your run-of-the-mill boxing kit thanks to the presence of Ali’s autograph (it’s stamped on) and a hidden Ali-ism to help you...

Pacquaio and Hatton Don't Stand a Chance

Everlast Inflatable Punching Bag

By Gear Patrol Reader Rikin Shah: Whether you’re looking to amp up your workouts or to take out a little aggression, every guy could use a punching bag (besides the tortured pillow on your bed). Let’s face it, not all of us have the ideal real estate to own gym equipment, let alone put up...

Everlast Training Gloves Giveaway Winner

Last Friday we selected a Gear Patrol Dispatch subscriber as the winner for the Everlast Training Gloves Giveaway. Congratulations B Boyles! “…I look forward to the daily emails on cool new stuff that I might otherwise find out about way later or not at all.” Oh yes, a moment of unabashed shameless promotion. After asking...

Everlast High Performance Hook-and-Loop Training Gloves [Win This!]

Update: WE’VE GOT A WINNER for the Everlast Boxing Gloves Giveaway. It’s not Floyd Mayweather (we’re still working on that) but he is a Gear Patrol reader and we’ll be announcing the winner shortly in a new post. Thanks to all those that entered and don’t forget that if you’re subscribed you’ll continue to remain...

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