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So good, you forget about Ferrari World

Breakdown: Ferrari 458 Challenge

A. Smart: Steering wheel mounted Manettino to adjust F1-Trac high-performance traction control system, suspension and E-diff settings B. Symphonic: Intentional removal of the audio system so you can hear the sonorous V8 and listen to yourself scream with joy C. Sleek: Formula 1 aerodynamics to decrease lift and increase downforce and cooling. More traction, less...

I Can Has V8?

Supercar Sensation

Oh, the pain of owning an exotic car (wink, wink) – the insurance, the maintenance, the parking worries, not to mention the astronomical sum to buy one. If none of this sounds appealing, then fret no more; Supercar Sensation, a purveyor of exotic car tours, track outings, and rentals can get you a few hours...

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