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Today in Gear: March 1, 2017

A retro Nike sneaker, a skeletonized TAG Heuer chronograph, tough-as-nails notebooks and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: June 20, 2016

A high-end bocce ball set, a tough-as-hell diaper bag, upgraded reporters' notebooks and much more.

You're a Business, Man

12 Essentials for the Daily Grind

Fall is officially here and it's time to get after it. Arm yourself with the right tools for success.

The Office Issue
Murdered Out

Elements: Black on Black

If you want to look more Gotham City than goth kid, you’ll have to be discerning about your all-black ensemble. Here's the gear you need.

Gifts He'll Actually Remember in the Morning

12 Guys of Christmas: The Mixologist

What to call a man who obsesses over alcohol? A connoisseur? A fanatic? A drunk? We call him The Mixologist, and you know him well. He’s the man whose cupboards are stocked with more bitters than spices, whose basement is reeking of homebrew, whose glass is always half-full -- at least. And yours too, for the Mixologist prides himself in the cocktails he makes and the beer he serves. He’s an enabler of fun, an anti-Scrooge, a Holiday MVP. He’s every character in Billy Joel’s Piano Man -- in fact, he does a mean Billy Joel if the night goes late enough. So cheers to The Mixologist. Here are a few gifts he'll cheers to.

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Today in Gear: October 2, 2013

Etiquette Clothiers + Mark McNairy Boot Socks What happens when Italian woolen luxury meets rugged/preppy designs from a lauded American master? Luxurious, attractive boot socks, that’s what. Only a few colorways, all comfy, all handsome. Stick your feet in these — just make sure you’ve got boots that’ll live up to the standard they set....


Today in Gear: June 19, 2013

Sony VAIO Pro 13 Ultrabook Sony’s answer to the MacBook Air is loud and clear: a high-powered Intel processor and an 512-gig SSD have been slipped inside an oh-so slim carbon fiber shell, and the 13.3-inch monitor is a full HD touchscreen that’s viewable from most any angle. The whole package weighs in at 2.34...


Today in Gear: April 5, 2013

Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition Yes, we really like Field Notes. Their America the Beautiful notebooks, a cross-country road trip of Americana printed on the colored covers of their classic pocket notebooks, reaffirm our notions. $10 (3-pack) Easton Power Brigade Bats Just in time for your neighborhood’s home run derby, Easton’s latest bats come...

Because Details Make The Man

MS & Co. Selvedge Denim Sleeve Collection

Image, courtesy of our friend, photographer and fashion blogger William Yan. Be sure to check out his site: If we’ve learned anything from our investigations of the world of men’s style — it’s that the details leave the most lasting impressions. That doesn’t mean simply going against the grain is a golden ticket to...

Dare we say, "murdered out?"

Raven’s Wing Field Notes

From the skunkworks of our favorite notepad brand, Field Notes have created what we think is their best edition yet: the disturbingly sleek Raven’s Wing Field Notes ($10, 3-Pack). The black-on-black matte black-and-charcoal linen cover stock is striking and paired with the “butcher orange” French Paper sheath, so we can’t help but feel they’re an...

50 Pads for 50 States

Field Notes County Fair Editions

We keep a sizable stock of Field Notes pads here at the office. They’re sized just right for pen-to-paper jotting and constantly remind us how much we’d rather be writing in the field than in front of a computer. For Summer 2010, and just in time for Independence Day, Field Notes is expanding their Field...

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