Identified Grill-like Object

Weber Fireplace

Call it our inner pyro, but just because its warmer doesn’t mean we can’t light up an evening fire. What looks like an overly ambitious metal worker’s off-hour project, the Weber Fireplace ($159) takes a porcelain enameled lid and bowl with some heavy-gauge steel to create a clever, well priced outdoor fire. And when you’re...

Bringing the Fire to Any Room in the House

Blomus “Chimo” Wall Fireplaces by Floz Design

As winter begins to take its hold, home fireplaces are a feature many people without one in their den or living room begin to miss. Unfortunately, installing one into a home on an after market basis is often too expensive of a renovation to consider casually, let alone before factoring in the additional the time...

Conmoto Balance Nature Fireplace

[click on image to enlarge] The Conmoto Balance Nature fireplace has unique written all over it. Guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any room you can probably replace half of all your furniture with one of these. It comes in a variety of arrangements to house not only your plasma, but books, occasional seating, drawers,...

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