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Tips From Ryan Leech for Tackling the Trails

3 Easy Workouts for Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking, at any level, requires physical preparedness. Ryan Leech gave us a few tips and tricks to get your body ready for the trails.

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Fitness in the Digital Age

Bruce Perry’s Fitness for Geeks

The vast majority of us are guilty of taking better care of the various gadgets around us than we do our most personal hardware: our body. Bruce Perry's book focuses on the only thing that really matters: making you the

What hurts and how to fix it

The Athlete’s Guide to Home Remedies

If you’re actively living your life, some kind of injury is inevitable. The trick is to find a happy medium between daily doctor appointments, and “toughing it out” until the injury gets nasty. That’s why we were happy to find The

Shred Your Arms, Not Your Wallet

PowerBlock Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

PowerBlocks aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around since 1993 — if their website design didn't clue you in. If you're looking for a way to workout beyond the gym, PowerBlock Dumbbells are still the most affordable and flexible option

Lebron's Got Your Back, Kinda.

Nike Boom App

With music being the fundamental push behind the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android becoming a core workout accessory, all the major sports brands are looking to push the envelope with various workout companion apps. All with a focus to motivate and help

Developed By the U.S. Navy Seals... Enough Said

TRX Suspension Trainer

trx-suspension-trainer-gear-patrol Working out should be an integral part of your life. Maintaining consistency with your workouts is probably the hardest part for many of you (it certainly is for us). Trips, late nights at the office, meeting up with friends, and being tired

Result: The Handshake To End All Handshakes

Bone Crusher Grips


Named after pirate Captain "Bone Crusher" Roberts, Bone Crusher Grips are made to give you grip strength that will make your adversaries shiver their timbers. Ranging from 100lbs to 500lbs in grip resistance, you can slowly build up your

Smal Bar, Big Taste

Clif Bars Mini

clif-bars-mini-gear-patrolBeing in college and eating a fulfilling, healthy meal is about as hard as narrowing down the long list of analogies the long list of analogies that I mercifully chose not to insert here. Luckily, I've had Clif Bars. The

What if you could improve your posture just by pressing a button?


iposture-10011 Gear Patrol has written about custom suits, custom shirts and pants. Consequently, there's no doubt that you've evolved into the best dressed man around, but if you've got posture like Quasimodo, you still won't look good no matter

Kinetic by Kurt – Rock and Roll

Kurt-Kinetic-Rock-and-Roll.jpg I'm all about finding a dual purpose for products. Granted, my desire for an iPhone with a built-in bottle opener hasn't come to fruition, but I imagine someone is hard at work devising such a beast. Until then, I'll settle for music. Recently, I sold

Revising Your Fitness Routine

Routines Are Good, Change Is Better

Ed: The face one might expect when seeing Patrick at the gym.

I’ll be the first to endorse developing a routine at the gym. Repeating exercises week to week allows