LensLight Mini TAD Edition

You can tell a lot about a man by his EDC. Zippo, house keys, obligatory pocket knife, handgun, paracord, unspeakably cool shades — we’ve seen it all. The serious carrier, however, is sure to include a flashlight, and we recommend the LensLight Mini TAD Edition ($325) from Triple Aught Design. This miniature light is practical...

Hammer of dawn

Hands On: Surefire UB3t Invictus

If Commissioner Gordon happens to be looking for an upgraded and portable Bat Signal, we’d say the Surefire UB3T Invictus ($695) could be easily retrofitted to light the Gotham night. Machined from hardened aerospace aluminum and anodized in matte black with tempered glass window it’s tactical excess in its most beautiful form. It features multiple...

Triple-barrel lightgun

Fenix TK45 Flashlight

When one bulb won’t cut it and two bulbs just aren’t enough, the Fenix TK45 ($128) uses a trio of LED’s to deliver headlight-levels of lighting — assuring the total illumination of whatever lies ahead. Perfect for your next spelunking expedition, or just a trip to the fusebox, the 760 lumen TK45 operates off 8...

Yes, It's an $800 Flashlight

WiseLED Tactical Flashlight

It’s no secret we as Gear Patrol editors hold a soft spot in our hearts for multi-tools and flash lights. So when we came across the WiseLED tactical flashlight, there was no denying our compulsion to cover it, despite it’s ridiculous price tag. Featuring an incredibly bright output of 2,000 lumens, this hand-held bat signal...

Your Head As A Beacon

Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp

Head lamps have come a long way since we were on our last scouting trip. No longer do you need to have a glorified Mag Lite strapped to your head, bobbing around and weighing your head down. Petzl’s new Tikka Plus 2 has opened our eyes and become quite a convenient piece of gear to...

... And Then There Was High Definition Light

Bushnell HD Torch Flashlight

In terms of flashlights, the only recent revolutions that come to mind are the movement from traditional bulbs to power efficient LEDs. Otherwise, the size + rugged + power = success formula has been the general modus operandi. Bushnell is set to change all that with the Bushnell HD Torch Flashlight.

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