Hit Hard, Dress Well

A Style Guide to 7 Legendary NFL Coaches

NFL coaches once reigned with poise, exhibiting leadership through style and class. We pay tribute to football's bygone era of style by remembering those that cleaned up with care.

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Guide to Life: Throw a Perfect Spiral

We take our pick-up sports with a healthy dose of enthusiasm. A casual game of touch football is the perfect outlet for friendly competition, (a little bit of) athleticism and a chance to revel in some big-game moments like our favorite pros. Unfortunately, we somehow missed out on Peyton's arm strength and precision. No matter. Simply being able to throw a football correctly keeps you involved in the game and might even get you the nod at the coveted QB spot. Get a ball, get a friend, and go practice these six easy steps the next time the sun shows up.

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Nike Vapor Laser Talon

The Nike Vapor Laser Talon was designed from the start to shave time off a critical combine metric -- the 40-yard dash. Given that goal, Mr. Golden Shoes himself (a.k.a. Michael Johnson) was brought in as a consultant on the project and emphasized the importance of the "Zero Step" in determining an athlete's propulsion and acceleration.

Not just a fantasy

NFL Game Rewind

If your fandom/fantasy addiction borders on the insane, NFL Game Rewind ($35+) will only steepen a downward spiral of screaming at the television. The online service allows subscribers to replay any game from the 2009-2011 and current regular season on their computer or tablet. If you only bleed blank & blank colors, you can also...

Are you ready for some futbol?

Papafoxtrot Club Sports Stadiums

Looking for a unique piece of sports memorabilia for your office or mancave? You could plunk down some serious paper for a rare, yet dubious collectable or you could go with something guaranteed to raise some eyebrows. Papafoxtrot, maker of those model cargo ships we love, have now partnered with design firm PostlerFerguson to create...

How considered design is impacting the future of the beautiful game

Reboot: An Inside Look at Nike Soccer

Everybody knows Nike. How could you not? The global sportswear company is ubiquitous, thanks to decades of developing gear and sponsoring athletes competing in every sport imaginable (seriously, they even sponsor Curling). But while marketing savvy has unquestionably assured the brand limitless time in the spotlight — there’s an equally innovative half to Nike’s success...

Gotham's finest... team

Under Armor Gotham City Rogues Apparel

Love yourself some Batman but can’t stoop to wearing a cape tomorrow night? Sporting Under Armor’s new legit line of Gotham City Rogues jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats will still maintain your cult credentials, without shaming your date into sitting a row over. Sure, after catching the team’s biggest and final highlight in the...

Kicking & Thinking

2011 Adidas Adizero f50

Judging by how quickly terms like “smartphone” and “smartTV” steamrolled into our vernacular, we may soon be uttering “smartcleats” (or smartboots for readers across the pond) if Adidas has their way. The first generation Adidas Adizero f50s made a splash earlier in 2011 by weighing a mere 5.1 ounces and claiming the title as the...

And You Thought HD Made the Game Look Good

Guts and Glory: The Golden Age of American Football, 1958-1978

Neil Leifer is the world’s preeminent sports photographer. Don’t recognize the name? Well, just know that 160 of his images have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, 40 have made the cover of Time, he’s published over 15 books, and he took this photo of Muhammad Ali’s 1965 knock out of Sonny Liston. Mull over...

Football Cops Trailer

Is it a clever marketing campaign for DirecTV? Yes, but given the hilarious nature of the trailer and the fact that it involves grid iron stars Peyton and Eli Manning donning fake staches and hurling spirals of death…we still just had to share. Enjoy, and expect more of this series to develop as fall approaches....

Meet the Lightest Cleats in Football

Adidas adiZero 5-Star Cleats

The NBA finals were reliably interrupted with commercials of Derrick Rose peddling his adiZero “crazy” light basketball shoes as the lightest basketball shoe ever. The Adidas adiZero 5-Star cleat ($100) have the similar bragging rights in the world of football. Their uppers are made from a single-layer of proprietary Sprintskin synthetic, which supposedly provides similar...

The Man Behind Horween Leather's Resurgence

30 Minutes With: Nick Horween of Horween Leather

Horween Leather has been around since 1905 and is located in Chicago, IL. They produce leathers for a myriad of uses and companies. Their offerings run the gamut from all the NFL and NBA game balls, to those Shell Cordovan Allen Edmonds you wish you had (Shell leather accounts for only 10% of Horween’s production)....

Football That Reminds You Of A Better Time

Leather Head Handsome American Football

This one comes to us from one of our favorite Americana blogs, A Continuous Lean. Well, that and it’s camping/sports day here at GP (Mondays). Leather Head Handsome American Footballs are individually crafted from nubuc leather and rawhide laces. Each football is slightly smaller than a collegiate league football, ensuring your requisite tailgating tosses are...

ManPoll Results: NFL or College Football?

A few weeks ago we asked GP readers if they preferred College or NFL football. A 110 of you voted and after our ridiculously scientific analysis we determined this: You guys pretty much love football. There you have it.

Salute to Football Season

For some, the end of August is a sad time when summer slowly winds to a close. For others though the final days of August signify something far more meaningful – football… Dust of your coozies and fire up your grills men, it’s time for pigskin. Whether your grace the hallowed asphalt lots for tailgating...

Virtual Signing Bonus For The Armchair Quarterback

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

Virtual Signing Bonus For The Armchair Quarterback Must… see… more… football… If there was ever a reason for you to wish you had a clear view of the Southern skies*, it’s DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. A literal cornucopia of NFL football viewing, Sunday Ticket offers you more options than Donovan McNabb. The basic package ($289)...

Madden NFL 09

One Step Closer To Actually Being Roger Goodell The holy grail of virtual gridirons Believe it or not, that most magical of annual gaming occurrences is upon us once again. Yes, prepare to burn one of your cherished sick days, as the yearly celebration of Maddenoliday is less than a week away. Never mind that...

Gear Patrol Salute – NY Giants

The New York Giants pulled off what just might be the biggest upset in sports history at Super Bowl XLII on Sunday. They were able to overcome the most dominant team in the NFL in recent memory, the hype of the media, and the endless commercial breaks to become World Champions in Football (for some...

Wilson Official NFL “Duke” Game Ball

New for the 2007 season, the official NFL® leather game ball by Wilson is the epitome of footballs. It’s constructed with high-quality leather for top performance at the highest level and the ball features NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s signature. Best part is that it’s made here in the good ol’ US of A. What this...

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