8 Watches Worn to Space

A space watch is more than just branding. Torture tested to excel in the most inhospitable of environments, these timepieces are designed to survive instantaneous 200 degree shifts in temperature, acidic humidity and extreme g-forces (shocks up to 40 Gs). Much like the explorers who don them, there are but a lucky few that have earned special recognition. These are our eight picks of the best space watches (or their modern reinterpretation) available for the rest of you dreamers out there.


Fortis Flieger Cockpit Limited Edition

If you haven’t noticed, rugged vintage is in and it extends itself to timepieces. The 40mm Flieger Cockpit by Fortis comes in a limited edition black/orange horizon scheme we endorse. Don’t think of it as a vanity watch though. It’s radiation-free super luminova markers and numerals literally shine beneath it’s anti-glare crystal sapphire and he...

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