Chocks away!

Face Value: 6B MK1

If you’re a watch nerd, you might recognize the name Carl Evans. He’s the brains (and hands) behind British boutique watch strap brand GasGasBones. Like watch obsessives everywhere, Carl has dreamt for years of creating his own brand of watches. This year he’s finally done something about it. Informed by his 24 years of service in the Royal Air Force, Evans's first release is a convincing pilot's chronograph, the 6B MK1 ($2575).

Tool Up Your Watch

GasGasBones Custom Watch Straps

It’s time to take the classic “tool” wristwatch back to its rightful place on a dive boat or the racetrack. Most of these marvels of micro-engineering and classic rugged style are languishing on a nightstand or in a desk drawer, while the cheap black plastic (CBP) watches get to have all the weekend fun. Can...

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