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This Week in Motoring: March 9, 2015

A Honda V12 get fired up, Group B rally gets the Hollywood treatment, Alonso is sitting out the season opener, Fiat confirms the MX-5-based roadster and more.

Today in Gear: May 13, 2013

J. L. Lawson & Co. M II Key Shackle The free keychain you got from your bank is no longer acceptable for daily carry. Upgrade to a this key shackle/bottle opener combo and never look back. Its oiled and waxed machined steel should last you a lifetime, and as a bonus it lightly resembles a...

Good Morning, Vietnam... and Canada... and Brazil...

Geneva WorldRadio

It’s fitting that the radio has always had geographic limitations. Think of it as Mother Earth’s little joke: as media has made the world a smaller place, she still reminds you that she’s large enough to be an inconvenience — radio waves can only travel so far, after all. Which is why we imagine she’s...

Long live the clock radio

Geneva Sound System Model XS

The radio alarm clock business has never been a particularly sexy one, not counting, of course, the occasional technological breakthroughs in snooze technology (we set ours at 9 min). But Geneva is waking up the sleepy clock radio industry with the Geneva Sound System Model XS ($250), a slick ultra-compact bluetooth audio system and the...

Canon, Cantons and Continentals

Wondrous 100: Driving Gstaad to Geneva in the Bentley Continental GTC

Sunday, 12:24pm | A hundred miles. It doesn’t sound like that much. Maybe a long round-trip commute or a weekend ride up to the grandparents. But take that same distance, move it 3,800 miles, and my, how things can change. If you’ve ever looked into great driving roads than you’ve undoubtedly heard that Europe is...

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