Today in Gear: April 11, 2013

Gibson Min-ETune The Min-ETune mounts to the back of a guitar’s head and uses gears to tune each string based on 12 popular tunings or a custom setting. Just pick up the guitar, turn on the Min-ETune, strum, and it does all the work. Much like autotune, it makes things easier but undercuts credibility —...

Believe I'm sinkin' down

Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Collection

A stack of money might not get you a jam session with Mr. Clapton, but it can buy an incredible replica of one of his guitars, or a stunning signature series acoustic. Hell, maybe you could just sell your soul to the devil. In any case, the Eric Clapton Crossroads Collection is a gorgeous set of blues beauty. The set consists of handmade replicas of both his Fender "Brownie" Stratocaster and the Gibson Harrison-Clapton "Lucy" Les Paul, along with three unbelievable signature series Crossroads Martin acoustics.

Total Axcess

Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess

Today marks Les Paul’s 96th birthday and even if the Google homepage has made it possible to pick away at your own rendition of Stairway to Heaven, we thought it worthwhile to divert your attention to a truly amazing instrument worthy of Les Paul, the Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess ($6,174). Prog rock...

A Guitar Amongst Guitars

The Fixation | Gibson 1959 Les Paul (Vintage)

This week’s fixation: a guitar. Not just any old guitar, mind you. A rarity amongst rarities, this completely original 1959 Les Paul is completely original from the hardware, case and key, and paperwork; its all new, right down to its gorgeous signature flamey finish. For more information, contact the venerable high-end audio retailer Vintage King...

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