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Fine, Fine Beer Direct to Your Doorstep

Beer of the Month Club

beer-of-the-month-clubI'd like to think that I know you, men. If you join us here at Gear Patrol regularly, there's a pretty good chance that you belong amongst a rare breed of man. You represent that intransigent quality within the human spirit

Ditch the Bic.

Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen

namiki-falcon-pen When I recently purchased some personalized stationary for work (a hand written thank you note in this digital age can get you more attention than landing a jet on the Hudson), I set out to find a pen worthy of writing

Mobile. Email. That is all.


peek1I am a creature of habit, to be sure. Of late, you might have noticed me lauding various products that do just what they are designed to do (well). Blame it on my stage in life or even on the floundering

Philips Mother’s Day Limited Edition Digital PhotoFrame

Philips 7 [Mother's Day Gift Idea] Looking for the perfect gift for mom? Philips 7" PhotoFrame™ (seasonal edition) pays tribute to those you love by displaying your digital photos in stunning quality to view, share and relive memories - all without a PC. Features:

  • Top quality display