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The best safety, cartridge, electric and straight razors to bring catharsis to your daily shave.

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To the Planner Goes the Spoils

5 Tips for a Better Tailgating Experience

The core components of tailgating may come naturally to you, but like any skill in life, there's always room for improvement.

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10 Great Grooming Products Under $10

Sometimes it is simply unnecessary to go straight broke buying superfluous grooming products, so we decided that it would be appropriate to highlight ten of the top products that will be sure to leave some extra bucks in your wallet for other

Giveaway | 100x Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

Update: Damn, that was fast. All 100 razors were claimed in 30 minutes, but good news: we just spoke with Gillette and are hooking Gear Patrol readers up with 1,000 more razors tomorrow. Seriously... one thousand razors. Boom! Check back early

Gillette Clean + Refreshing Shampoo


There's few manly hair shampoo options out there, and believe us, that Pantene Pro-V in your girlfriend's shower isn't one of them. Gillette High Performance Shampoo series is specially formulated to clean men's hair. The new charged cleansers pull away dirt and oil to

Gillette Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant

gillette.clinical.strength.anti-perspirant.jpgSweating is a one of those necessities that's necessary but inconvenient. Sure, it affords us good reason to buy all kinds of awesome perspiration wicking athletic gear, but it also soaks right through shirts and if you're at work, out or on

Gillette Fusion Power Razor

Gillette Fusion Power Remember that Saturday Night Live commercial where they parody how the number of blades on hand-held razors is getting out of control? Well, our friends at Gillette obviously took that for scripture... enter the Gillette Fusion Power 3 blade 4 blade