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Cheers Without Fear

Nesting Steel Shot Cups

The days of housing tequila on a Friday night may be in your taillights, but these Nesting Steel Shot Cups ($32) are still a great-looking alternative compared to typical jiggers. Sets of four 24 gauge 1008 cold rolled steel cups

Style Pick: OWL Eyewear

OWL is a brand new European eyewear company that released their inaugural line of specs earlier this month. Their first three frame styles dubbed, EINS, ZWEI and DREI, are available in midnight, rosewood, and nude colors. Distinguished by thinner plastic frames

Vision Quest

Warby Parker Eyeglasses, In Depth

For those of us who continue to don eyeglasses, whether for practicality or for fashion, purchasing them has always been a rather painful (and expensive) process. Once you get through the eye exam, you're faced with choosing a pair of not-so-offensive

Party Foul Proof


Most people will take beer in any container they can get it in. Purists, however, tend to place the traditional pint glass above all us. The Silipint ($10) is an indestructible incarnation of the popular cup (sadly it's the American

Feeling Peckish

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Collection

MacArthur, The Omen, Roman Holiday, Spellbound, and To Kill a Mocking Bird. Those are just a few of the genre-defining films Gregory Peck starred in during his career as a leading Hollywood man. His role in the latter was even named

Tapered for your pleasure

Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glasses

Graduating from Jack and Coke to single malt Scotch whisky is a positive step on the path towards booze enlightenment. But drinking it out of plastic tumblers and commemorative Superbowl glasses equates to painting a Ferrari hot pink. Put bluntly, if

Class Up Your Brews

Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Set

We know how attached you are to your koozies and bottles, but every once a while it's nice to class up your beer drinking experience at home. Rather than hunt high and low though for the perfect glass sets for a variety

Lighter. Safer. Greener

Essilor Airwear

Buying a new pair of glasses is a tedious task. You spend hours trying to find a frame, more hours finding the proper lenses prescription, then have to live with your decision for the following year(s). Most of us don't want to

Frames to See as Well as to be Seen

Alain Mikli Glasses


In 1978, Alain Mikli opened his design studio in Paris and started creating a new wave of fashion eye wear in an industry dominated by tradition. Mikli's original designs were innovative and combined creative aesthetics with technical precision. Today, Alain Mikli continues

The Right Set for All Your Vices

Denizli Gentleman’s Club 3-Piece Brandy Set

denizli-gentlemans-club-3-piece-brandy-setGents, it's time to don your burgundy bathrobes and leave your top hats at the door. The Denizili Gentleman's Club 3-Piece Brandy set is the perfect solution for the next time a buddy winds up at your house and it's time

Take It Easy On Your Eyes

Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear

gunnars-glasses Unless you are the one person who is having this article read to you by your valet, chances are good that you are staring a some sort of screen right now. You probably spend a great deal of time doing just

Brandy Glass and Warmer Set

Snobbery At Its Finest

Brandy-Glass-and-Warmer-Set.jpgThe next time you and your railroad baron pals decide to hold a cartel meeting, make sure these are part of your barware collection. Each snifter and accompanying stand is designed with a singular purpose: to make sure that every

Oliver Peoples Grayson


You gents should know that poor vision can be one of your greatest fashion advantages. You get to wear glasses and there are times when optical eyewear can be the make-or-break piece in an ensemble. Skip Lenscrafters and the licensed pieces you find at