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Winter Gloves for Every Sport

These, the five best winter gloves, will give you free range of motion, excellent grip and reasons to start conversations -- all while maintaining a high standard of comfort. So whether you're into something sporty, stylish, svelte or something else, we've found the right fit for you.

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12 gifts for the tech obsessed

12 Guys of Christmas: The Techie

To the inexperienced, the words “techie” and “guy” seem synonymous. Sure, most guys do like technology these days — but like does not true a techie make. So while this list can absolutely be applied to any modern man, its real target is the hardcore gadget nut. The one who scours the blogs and refreshes...

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Be sensitive

Outdoor Research Stormsensor Gloves

There aren’t many situations or locations that preclude pulling out your smartphone. Your anniversary dinner with your wife should probably be at the top of that list. Out on the ski slopes the phone also doesn’t see much daylight, but because of the chore it requires versus the acrimonious stink eye. Outdoor Research Stormsensor Gloves...

Style Pick: Norse Projects Iver Gloves

Norse Projects teamed up with Swedish glove specialist Hestra to create a unique, double-layered design, which makes each pair essentially two gloves in one. The outside is crafted from soft deerskin in classic tan brown (shown above), yellow or black colorways, while the removable inner soft wool glove provides additional comfort and insulation. $87 |...

Making Your (Gloved) Digits Useful Again

Digits Conductive Glove Pins

Touch screens may have revolutionized the way we interact with our phones, but they’ve also f’ed up our relationship with gloves. At least with the old phones, you could mash your way to answering or making a phone call. Plenty of glove makers have devised clever new products that help deal with this issue..but that...

Allowing Those with a Habit to Trudge Through Winter

Smoking Mittens

If you haven’t already been dragged out into the public square and stoned for your habit deemed socially unacceptable by do right America, thanks to these smoking mittens, at least you know your hands will have some protection during your short breaks while exiled in Siberia. Designed to be ambidextrous, one mitten features a metal...

A Gauntlet of Warmth for the Slopes

Mountain Hardwear Red Savina Heated Glove

No matter how many different types of winter gloves I go through, I always have the same problem. They all start out fairly warm to some degree, but then as the day wears on, my fingers start to get colder and colder. I used to think just buying waterproof gloves were enough, but clearly that’s...

An Affordable Premium Golf Glove

Taylormade Targa Tour Glove

I play golf in the northeast where summer months bring lots of humidity. The last thing that you want to experience is feeling the club slip when you swing. A lot of gloves on the market today simply don’t offer a solution for sweaty hands. The Targa Tour Glove from Taylormade Golf is my salvation....

Ralph Lauren Merino Suede Patch Glove

Leather gloves are great. They’re durable and stylish. They’re often pricier too. We recommend getting a warm, comfortable pair of mixed material gloves like these Ralph Lauren’s which are made of marino wool and suede patches that work well paired with your winter gear. After all, snowboard gloves really aren’t the best when you’re out...

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