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GP Protocol | Rule #82 – The Vouch

gp_protocol1.gifGear Patrol Protocol Rule #82 - Without falter, an attractive woman vouching for you to someone you are trying to hit on will make you the most compelling person in her eyes at that moment. How you get an attractive woman to vouch for

GP Protocol | Rule #115 – Sex With A “Friend”

gp_protocol1.gifGear Patrol Protocol Rule #115 - Under no circumstances shall you, as a decent man, have sex with your close, curiously hot, female friend within the circle of friends. That is, unless you are an indecent man, which accounts for 99% of mankind

GP Protocol | Rule #47 – Acceptable Levels of Bullshit

gp_protocol1.gifGear Patrol Protocol Rule #47 - When discussing stories in a bar with friends, an acceptable amount of exaggeration is no less than 10% in the spirit of adding color, but no more than 50% without being called 'bullshit' on. This rule applies