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Today in Gear: August 20, 2013

Ignoble-Sternwood-Card-Wallet-Gear-Patrol Ignoble Sternwood Card Wallet
Problem: You've outgrown the old nylon and Velcro wallet you had as a kid but you miss it like the dickens. Solution: a nylon card wallet that zips closed, fashioned in a much more adult

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Testosterone, Best Cult Sports Books, How to Watch Two Teams You Hate (and the Hottest Women of the Century), How Much Military is Enough, and Aaron Swartz Through the 21st Century

testosterone-art-of-manliness A Week of Testosterone
The ever on-point Art of Manliness dives into a week's worth of testosterone, covering everything from benefits, know-how and ways to increase the big T naturally. Their in-depth coverage should be atop your reads of vigor.