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What Your Air Should Wear

On Air: 35 Great iPad Air Cases

Just because the word "air" is in your latest iPad's name doesn't mean it's going to float on the ether if (when) you drop it. There isn't going to be some magical, fluffy cloud protection when you slip it in your work bag or duffel; there is neither a keyboard nor some sort of built-in kickstand. So, clumsy, what're you supposed to do? How do you keep your pristine investment and advanced piece of technology looking new? How do you keep it accessible and functional in every imaginable way and every imaginable place, from the airplane to the board room to the living room? For starters, you could do worse than picking up one of the best iPad Air cases on the market. We've rounded up 35 of the grandest grippers, gewgaw-laden sleeves, shells, keyboards and folios and parsed them by price.

Buying Guide

Griffin StompBox

Paired with the incredibly popular iShred Live ($5) app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the Griffin StompBox ($100) gives guitarists, bassists, or other musicians a programmable effects pedal board that’s designed for easy portability and durability. It features four studio quality configurable foot switches, 1-meter heavy-duty dock cable, and even accepts industry-standard 1/4″ mono...


Griffin Beacon

Bridging the bluetooth functionality of your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the infrared inputs of your home entertainment center, the Mavis Griffin Beacon ($79) allows you to use your iOS device as a system-wide remote. Using the Dijit Universal Remote App the Beacon easily pairs with most TV, set-top box, receiver, media player or otherwise...

Traditionally Modern

Colonel Littleton + Griffin iPad Cases

Somewhere at the crossroads of Americana and technology two very different companies based around Nashville decided to have a cup of coffee and brainstorm about the iPad. The result? A small collaboration of iPad cases by heirloom-grade leather goods maker Col. Littleton and popular gadget accessory brand Griffin Technologies. The iPad cases are signature Col....

Enclose Your iPad with GP Approved Cases

25 Best iPad Cases

There are few greater ironies on this earth than buying a super sleek gadget like the iPad only to let the fear of scratching or damaging it cause us to mummify them in cases, sleeves, et al. Since we’re doubtful the trend will change or relent anytime soon though, we’ve scoured our offices, the web,...

A Cable Worth It's Length in Talktime

Griffin Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable

With everything going wireless, it would be mad to suggest adding another cable to the kudzu like infestation of cords, but all cables aren’t equal. Not to mention, I prefer my rides equipped with all wheel drive over Bluetooth. Griffin’s Hands-free Mic + Aux Cable ($23) is so simple it’s almost perfect. Just plug it...

Griffin Nu Form Case

Hard Knock Solution For A Hard Knock Life Now that you’ve had some time to coddle your iPhone 3G, it’s time you prepared it for the real world. Sliding on Griffin’s Nu Form case will guarantee your gadget stays looking prim and proper, and provide damage protection in the event of accidental dropping. For those...

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