It's Time to Break the Last Male Grooming Taboo

Are Facials For Men?

Getting pampered in a Brooklyn barbershop proves a revealing -- and refreshing -- experience.

Simply Clean

Rocky Top Soap Shop Manly Man’s Gift Set

The grooming products sales strategy for most corporations is simple. Just release commercials packed with gorgeous women obsessed with some guy post shower, and maybe sprinkle in a few fighter jet flybys for good measure. We’re sure their internal data shows it works like a charm, but we tend to like the approach of the...

Hart Steel from the Heartland

Hart Steel Straight Razor

What man hasn’t had a draw to straight razor shaving. Maybe its the simplicity, maybe its the timelessness, maybe the “green-ness,” but we’d guess a large portion is because it’s flat-out badass.

Braun Pulsonic 9595CC Shaver

We talk about shaving a lot here at Gear Patrol. It’s because it’s an essential parts of being a guy and skimping in this area isn’t acceptable. You’re working on your face after all. Of course, we would be misleading you if we didn’t also tell you we’re semi-obsessed with finding, trying and using the...

MD Skincare One Step Daily Facial Pads

Some of you have a shaving routine and some of you don’t, but one part that’s essential to keeping your face in top order is a moisture. Post facto. The MD Daily Facial pads do multiple duties in the shaving realm. They provide all the treatment needed from razor contact in addition to providing you...

GoSMILE 5 Senses Toothpaste Kit

Bring your mouth a little bit of flavor while keeping them clean with the 5 Senses toothpaste kit. The kit uses five different flavors of toothpaste that contain naturally hydrated silica that safely polish away stains and flouride to, obviously, prevent tooth decay. The pastes are also infused with cranberry extract and uplifting essential oils...

Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush

Labeled as the most innovative toothbrush available, the Ultreo uses ultrasound waves and precisely tuned sonic bristles to keep your teeth sparking clean. The kit includes: 1 Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush with Ultrasound Brush Head 1 Ultra-Compact Charger Base 1 Detachable Universal Voltage Wall Plug 1 Ultrasound Waveguide Protector 1 Premium Travel Caddy 1 Ultreo Owner’s...

Lancome Men Hydrix

This micro-nutrient moisturizing gel is formulated with ingredients to help keep your skin hydrated and it’s lightweight non-oily composition will penetrate your skin quickly and without mess. What this means to you: 1st rule of male facial grooming: Keep it clean. 2nd rule of male facial grooming. Keep it moisturized. Cost: $30 @ Lancome

Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant

It’s the summer and here in New York it’s hot, humid and nasty. It doesn’t help that the men are fighting the heat thru work attire, which face it, is not entirely designed to be super cooling. Like many others, you’re probably going thru deo-sticks as fast as A/C freon. Time to make an upgrade....

Hugo by Hugo Boss

There’s a familiar note to Hugo, and if you’re thinking it reminds you of sitting on a rocky Northern coast between a rich forest and a crashing surfline you’re spot-on with the scent of Hugo. The multi-dimensional fragrance is perfect for daytime life with it’s moderate and casual citrus scent. Have you ever wondered why...

CK One Summer

There’s no need for you to smell like sweaty summer. No one’s asking you to and you’re not doing anyone a service. Try a little cologne – used sparingly of course. Calvin Klein’s limited edition fragrance captures the sparkling essence of the tropics with mouth watering citrus notes such as tangerine and grapefruit fading to...

John Allan’s Bodywash

That $5 bottle of soap you bought at the drug store doesn’t make the grade. Stop using it. It’s full of chemicals that are mixed together hodgepodge and most likely it’s not doing half the things it claims. Upgrade to John Allan’s Bodywash and moisturizing cleansing gel. It soothes and conditions overly stressed skin. Let’s...

Axis Air Shaver

Axis Air takes you where you’ve never been with an electric shaver. It’s bold style fits ergonomically in your hand, while precision Axis-Flex ” foils contour to your face and Phase 5″ cutting technology delivers a shaving experience that others can only imagine. Features: Rechargeable cord/cordless 2 Axis-Flex foil heads, 1 inner cutter 1 extendable...

Lab Series Triple Benefit Post Shave Remedy

These days the ability for a man to pull off a five o’clock shadow is just as important as his biceps. That doesn’t mean your face should look like it’s been treated to an acne-fest though. Lab Series breakthrough gel treatment formula delivers three benefits in one: Helps to relieve and prevent ingrown hairs. Helps...

Zwilling/J.A. Henckels Five-Piece Grooming Kit

Precision engineering and quality craftsmanship come together in this deluxe Grooming Kit. Kit includes five stainless steel tools: Combination Nail/Cuticle Scissors Facial Hair Scissors Tweezers Folding Nail Clipper Nail File What this means to you: Bring Henckels engineering into your well-groomed life with this kit. Cost: $149 @ Grooming Lounge

ZIRH DEFEND Face Moisturizer

DEFEND is a light face moisturizer suitable for dry or sensitive skin, with SPF 15 to provide protection against the damaging rays of the sun. This formulation helps the skin maintain moisture and elasticity. Ideal for normal to dry skin. Key ingredients: Avocado Oil, Pycnogenol®, Vitamin A, Vitamin E What this means to you: Everyone...

Baxter of California Skin Care Set

Cleanse, tone & hydrate your skin on a daily basis with a trio of products designed to balance & control excess oil production, without drying facial skin. Cleanse – 10 oz. face wash Tone – 10 oz. herbal mint toner Hydrate – 4 oz. oil free moisturizer. Cost: $40 @ Shop Intuition

The Perfect Shave Kit by Anthony Logistics

Anthony Logistics has put together a quartet of cleansing, smoothing, and soothing products to make daily shaving smooth and comfortable. Kit includes an 8 oz Glycolic Facial Cleanser, 2 oz Pre-Shave Oil, 2.5 oz Shave Cream, and a 2.5 oz After Shave Balm, packaged in a sporty, black, mesh dopp bag. Cost: $50 @

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