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Welcome to Swole Nation

How to Get Swole on Short Notice

If you need a quick pump before the beach, bodybuilder Kyle Wilkes has a bit of advice. Here's his quick regimen to get a swell on before you head out the door.

Scrabble Is a Given

How to Expand Your Vocabulary

Without SATs to study for, learning new words is a tough habit to form. But there are ways to do it that don't involve course books. Here's a few to get you started.

It's all about art and age

How to Roll Cigars

Cigar rolling turns rote task into artistry. A professional roller showed us how they're made by hand.

Guide to Life
Or, How Not to Get Ripped

How to Escape a Rip Current

Rip currents are a leading cause of drowning deaths at beaches around the world. But if you know how to escape one, you can live to swim another day. Here's how.

Guide to Life
Frame It, Just Right

How to Take Better Pictures

Cameras are everywhere, but that doesn't mean we know how to use them. Here are the basics of a better shot.

And Still Be Friends After

How to Plan a Buddy Trip

It’s time for a buddy trip. Time to get away from it all with friends and spend quality time, strengthening those age-old bonds between men -- and if it’s an epic trip, perhaps even testing them.

Guide to Life
Slow Like a Pro

How to Heel-Toe Double Clutch Downshift

Just learning to say heel-toe double clutch downshifting is a task, let alone getting the feet to cooperate. But, with practice, this skill can be mastered and one can become a true driving geek.

Guide to Life
Tastes Like Chicken

How to Make Stock, a True Kitchen Staple

You can buy stock in boxes or cans, or even those insidious little bouillon cubes. But really, you should make it yourself. Here's how.

Guide to Life
Cultivate Your Foot Fetish

How to Track an Animal in the Wild

Animal tracking isn't exactly a classroom subject. But with proper time, attention and patience, you can master this survival skill.

Guide to Life
Become a Knockdown Shooter

How to Improve Your Jump Shot

Ask any expert on the subject and they’ll tell you the same thing: the only way to get better is to get on the practice court -- or the backyard net or the school gym -- and start shooting.

Swiped Right. Now What?

How to Plan the Perfect First Date

Here's the problem: you are good. First dates are bad. So we talked to three dating coaches to figure out how to plan a perfect first date.

Guide to Life
Look Like A Pro, Ride Like A Pro

How to Clean Your Bike, After the Ride

Cleaning your bike is about more than just looking good -- it helps expensive components last longer and keeps everything running smooth. Here's how to do it.

Guide to Life
And Make a Proper Cup of Tea

It’s Time to Kill the Tea Bag

Using tea bags is like drinking instant coffee. You don't drink instant coffee, do you?

Guide to Life
See the Difference

Why You Should Calibrate Your HDTV

All calibration is not equal, and finding the right settings in the right light will help you get the most out of your HDTV.

Guide to Life
Be Thy Own Healer

How to Dress Your Own Wounds

It's not a question of "if" you'll get hurt, but "when" and "how badly". Here's how to take care of those wounds.

Guide to Life
The Buck Stops Here

How to Say No Politely

Patricia Fitzpatrick, founder of the Etiquette School of New York, gives a crash course in the polite no. (It's more than just saying "sorry" afterwards.)

Guide to Life
Spanish Tradition, American Style

For a Perfect Fried Egg, Do as the Spanish Do

Chances are you fry eggs every now and again. Here's how to cook them better, taking inspiration from Spain. Though not traditional, the results are damn good.

Rubbing Sticks Not Required

Fire-Starting Tips for Warming the Hearth

In the wild, a simple fire can save your life. Demyan Hryciw, an administrator and instructor at REI's Outdoor School, teaches us step by step how to start two simple campfires.

Guide to Life
Two Experts from The Moth NYC Spin their Yarns

How to Tell a Story the Right Way

The stories you've been telling haven't actually been stories. According to The Moth, an NYC-based storytelling program, you've been slinging anecdotes. We talked to two experts about why the story is important and how you can tell it well.

Guide to Life

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