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10 Best Guitar Amps for Beginners

Buying guitar gear is almost as difficult as learning to play the damn thing. These amps -- from Marshall, Vox, Fender and more -- lead you down the right musical path.

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The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca

Our interest in people who choose to create things by hand knows no bounds. Whether it's surfboards, clothing, or in this case: Flamenco guitars. The latest film in Dimitris Ladopoulos' series "The Art of Making", Ladopoulos showcases guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides, a master of his craft, and all the processes

Pick your pick

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

The Pickmaster Plectrum Punch ($39) is the perfect accessory for guitar players, and we're not talking about the colored button-pressing variety. It's essentially a rock-inspired hole puncher designed to turn old gift cards, ids, and credit cards into personalized strummers.

David Bowie Wig Not Included

Orange Thunder 30 Amplifier


For the most part, the guitar amplifier market is a sea of black Tolex. Bucking this trend, Orange Amplifiers, based out of the United Kingdom, have been encasing the classic British sound in bright orange (much as the the name suggests)

A Guitar Amongst Guitars

The Fixation | Gibson 1959 Les Paul (Vintage)


This week's fixation: a guitar. Not just any old guitar, mind you. A rarity amongst rarities, this completely original 1959 Les Paul is completely original from the hardware, case and key, and paperwork; its all new, right down to its gorgeous

Carbon Fiber Steel String Guitar

Blackbird Rider Guitar

A guitar fit for Michael Knight himself.

Who says guitars always have to be made of wood? Not Blackbird, that's for sure. The Blackbird Rider is an acoustic steel string guitar that's compact with full-bodied sound.