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Today in Gear: July 22, 2013

Hamilton Beach Fizzini It’s hard to say why anyone wouldn’t want their Kool-Aid carbonated — maybe the world simply isn’t ready. Regardless of what your bubble-infused drink of choice may be (some Kool-Aid haters might choose to infuse something pedestrian, like water), you can make your dreams a reality, and on the go, no less....

Rock Out With Your Crock Out

5 Best Slow Cookers

There’s a magic cauldron for preparing food — one you’re likely not using — that combines convenience, a near-guarantee against overcooking and the ability to transform inexpensive, tough cuts of meat into tender, flavorful dishes. This fire-and-forget-it tool? The slow cooker. A slow cooker, as the name suggests, takes low heat, moisture and a long...

Mobilizing Margaritas Everywhere

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Plus 10 Speed Blender

The last Hamilton Beach made blender we talked about was designed to easily dispense frozen cocktails or smoothies at home. Following in those foot steps, the Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler 10 Speed Blender ($18) is design to provide similar cold drink sharing convenience anywhere you fancy. Its drab but purposeful 48 oz plastic blending jar...

No More Messy Counter Tops

Hamilton Beach Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender

Though it may not have the power to blend an iPhone, this 500 Watt Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender from Hamilton Beach ($20) does have one distinct advantage for those fond of protein shakes or margaritas. Instead of having to remove the top and pour, simply use the spigot to drain whatever you’re blending into a...

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