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Light the Way

Kickstarter: Bosavi Headlamp

Sound principles don’t always create success, but they certainly don’t hurt. The Bosavi Headlamp ($80) is a multi-purpose light backed by the fundamental axiom of usefulness, something too often taken for granted. While flexible-use lights abound, the Bosavi provides a quality

Ahead Lamp

Snow Peak SnowMiner

We've seen headlamps and we've seen hanging lanterns, but worthy combinations of the two? Not as many. Usually because of cumbersome operation. The Snow Peak SnowMiner ($50) headlamp solves that problem through its patent pending design, which involves a unique

You never know when you’re going to need some illumination

Light & Motion Solite 150

Whether you’re caught out after sunset on your bike, troubleshooting an uncooperative ’74 Beetle, plotting your pre-dawn summit bid, or finding a blown fuse in a dark basement, a good light source becomes invaluable. The problem is, you usually need different

Your Head As A Beacon

Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp


Head lamps have come a long way since we were on our last scouting trip. No longer do you need to have a glorified Mag Lite strapped to your head, bobbing around and weighing your head down. Petzl's new