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Prepare to space out

Kit: Tools for Clutter-Free Lifestyle

Winter is always a season for reflection, particularly when it comes to your personal space. An influx of family, gifts and food leave most wondering where it all went. Take advantage of the extended time indoors by reorganizing your living situation with these clutter killing solutions and remind yourself about just how good home can be.

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Today in Gear: April 26, 2013

Doppelganger Turn Signal Gloves Two things tempt cyclists the world over: (1) back-handing car drivers and (2) flashing car drivers. With the click of a button, the flashers on the back of these cycling gloves blink to indicate a turn or can flash continuously to simply alert other road-goers to the presence of a bike....

Get to Work

Wood, White and Worked All Over: 10 Modern Desks

A man’s desk is his life. It’s where he does his work, pays his bills, keeps his keepsakes, composes his words and his thoughts. It might be the most intimate piece of furniture in the house -- it’s where one is most fully alone, and where, tethered to an often unassuming 50 square feet, a man can finally get down to business. That’s why finding the right desk is so important. Fortunately, plenty of bespoke furniture makers sell gorgeous, modern workspace options. We’ve narrowed down the field with this list of great contemporary desks at a variety of sizes, styles and prices.

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In good hands

Capelli Stool by Carol Catalano

We don’t give a lot of thought to the design of stools when it comes to choosing furniture for our pads. You can choose some cheap jobber from Ikea or you can find something that makes a statement. The Capelli Stool by designer Carol Catalano fits that bill perfectly. Part of the prestigious Herman Miller...

Sittin Pretty

Eames Aluminum Outdoor Collection

You’ve been meticulous about the furniture inside your home, having amassed quite the collection since the end of those IKEA years. Unfortunately, all of that accumulated taste means squat the moment your Lowe’s patio set becomes the center of attention again as a summer retreat for meals and cocktails. Mercifully for your social life, Herman...

Basecamp for the Workaholic

Herman Miller Envelop

We don’t know about you, but we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who works just 40 hours anymore and if you’re like us then a solid chunk of those hours are firmly planted behind a desk. Good thing, the ergonomic aces at Herman Miller have developed a fatigue-reducing, posture-saving solution: the Envelop Desk ($960)....

Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 21: Know How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Every generation has its defining crisis, a moment in history where hostile elements are tensely opposed to the max and shit’s going down one way or the other. As you can imagine, for each circumstance there is a decisive call to action – one that requires more than some emotionally dramatic upheaval. The proper response...

HermanMiller Sense

Another Reason Why We Love HermanMiller According to über design firm HermanMiller, the ethos behind the Sense desk is that you need a desk that makes it easier to mirror the changes you encounter every day in work life. Sounds reasonable. What I can say is that the Sense is an innovative desk with gorgeous...

Eames 3-Seater Sofa by Herman Miller

Herman Miller designs are all modern classics and the Eames 3-Seater sofa is actually the last piece of furniture ever produced by the fabled Eames design firm in 1978. The Eames 3-Seater Sofa melds rich walnut, soft leather and polished aluminum constructed into a beautiful angled profile that will instantly form the centerpiece of any...

Herman Miller Leaf

The Herman Mill Leaf lamp offers maximum lighting options with minimal mass in an intriguing, organic form and with controls that invite human connection. The proprietary technology also addresses the most vexing problems in existing LED solutions–light intensity and heat build-up. Leaf is designed to give the user a full spectrum of choices to express...

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