Beyond Your Standard Messenger Bag

The Best Modern Takes on the Commuter Bag

Once you've got your bike, which you should by now, the next step is to pick up the appropriate accessories. For commuters, second only to a helmet is a suitable bag that holds the necessities and, beyond that, meets specific, personal work- or looks-related criteria. The next thing to consider is the style of bag -- backpack, messenger or something else entirely? We've got all of the above, with a preference toward backpacks.

Today in Gear: August 20, 2013

Ignoble Sternwood Card Wallet Problem: You’ve outgrown the old nylon and Velcro wallet you had as a kid but you miss it like the dickens. Solution: a nylon card wallet that zips closed, fashioned in a much more adult style. It’ll hold 30 cards, or 10 cards and a condom, or 20 cards and a...

Massive capacity. Minimal cost.

Ignoble Cora Classic Rucksack

Back in November we first encountered Ignoble’s bag, the Cocoon. Fast forward four months and we find ourselves resolutely liking what we have to see with Ignoble’s latest release, the Cora Classic Rucksack ($165). The ruck continues Ignoble’s combination of limited, US production runs, military-grade materials and a disposition for superior specs at substandard prices....


Ignoble Mona Cocoon Bag

Established just last year in Los Angeles, Ignoble is a singularly focused brand. Black backpacks. The two brother team have a shared love of black fabric and clever designs. Their first and only (so far) backpack, the Mona Cocoon Bag ($220) is a culmination of those passions. Utilitarian and stylish, the Mona is crafted by...

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