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There's an App for That Too


When you were a young boy, you could eat eight hot dogs at dinner, sleep two hours, run around for 12 hours without stopping, break your arm and heal in about fifteen minutes. As we mature that changes, and we are

What You & Your iPod, iPhone, and iPad Need to Know

Apple iOS 5

IPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners will receive a ton of new features in iOS 5. The bad news is that the latest and greatest mobile operating system won’t be available until fall of this year for consumers. On the up

Easy Button

Kickstarter: Red Pop

Unless your endowed with triple jointed thumbs, taking photos with your iPhone can be mighty cumbersome if not downright painful. The Kickstarter project, Red Pop, aims to fix that with

1990 Meets 2011

iFusion iPhone Docking Station

The idea of making a wireless phone wired is admittedly strange, but nostalgia for the familiar often drives people to do crazy things. The iFusion ($150) is essentially a Bluetooth speaker dock in traditional telephone clothing. Thanks to A2DP Bluetooth

Keep It Together Men

Pack & Smooch Leicester and Soay iPhone Wallets

Men today normally have two things on them at all times: their wallet and phone. Since there's no need to tote your full George Costanza everywhere you go, the German artisan brand Pack & Smooch has devised a series of

Lebron's Got Your Back, Kinda.

Nike Boom App

With music being the fundamental push behind the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android becoming a core workout accessory, all the major sports brands are looking to push the envelope with various workout companion apps. All with a focus to motivate and help

Device Protection with Rugged Panache


You're probably familiar with products by ZAGG, as ads for their award-winning invisibleSHIELD gadget protection dot the internet landscape (our experience shows them to be as beastly and protective as ZAGG claims them to be). Further worming their way

Still Does Not Part the Sea

iPhone OS 4.0

iphone-os-4-gear-patrolSteve Jobs and all his buddies at Infinite Loop just unveiled the latest (and long overdue) iteration of the iPhone operating system today. While it is (unfortunately for some) still exclusive to AT&T for the time being, and it is still not

Take Charge of Your Charging

IDAPT I3 Charging Stations


Gadget fans know that with their love of technology comes an excess of chords and often a shortage of power outlets. So to cope with this unfortunate externality, IDAPT has released a series of compact charging stations designed to help

Best Case Scenario

Speck Cases


Apple products are notorious for their gorgeous factory finishes being as magnetically attractive to scratching and scuffing as seedy women are to Tiger Woods. While there are a plethora of products on the market for protecting your iNvestment, those offered by

Transform Your Apple Mobile Device Into a Fully Functional Remote

RedEye Universal Remote Control for iPhone/iPod Touch

think_flood_redeye_universal_remote The ability to control every device in one's home theater using the same remote control is a convenience well known hardware manufacturers like Logitech and Philips have built incredibly successful products around for years. Ranging from super slick machines equipped with

Watch Your Media Anywhere and On Any Device

ZAGGbox Media Center & Streamer


ZAGG is a company known mainly for their InvisibleSHIELD skins that are designed to "protect" just about every portable device on the market, that is if you can manage to stick them on straight. So we were naturally surprised

All the Fun, Minus Pissing Off Your Mom

The Simpsons Arcade Game for iPhone


If your childhood was anything like ours, you probably remember at least several sessions spent killing time before or after a movie with the Simpson family battling to save Springfield. Now thanks to EA, those nostaglic for the golden days

Let Your iPod's Tunes Take Flight

Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver


Looking for a better way to get music from your iPod or iPhone to your home stereo? Preferably one that doesn't involve a 20' long 3.5mm cable? Recently, we've discussed excellent solutions from Sonos, but not everyone has that kind

Finally, Someone's Improved the Car Charger

Belkin Micro & Dual iPod/iPhone Auto Chargers

belkin_micro_auto_charger1-375x196 Typically, car phone chargers are nothing to write home about. You stick them in what used to be known as the "cigarette lighter" (back before smoking became equated with terrorism), plug in your phone, and that's about it. Seeing the newly

25 Apps. 14 Days. 2 iPhones. 1 Jailbreak.

25 Best & Must-Have iPhone Apps

Empower your iPhone with these 25 best and must have iPhone Apps, as curated by Gear Patrol.

One More Way To Get To Your Favorite Men's Site

Get the Gear Patrol iPhone Icon

gear-patrol-iconAfter asking all of you what you want to see from Gear Patrol in the future, we've received a ton of great feedback (email, comments, etc.) and we couldn't be happier for it. Gear Patrol is serious about listening to you, our

Griffin Nu Form Case

Hard Knock Solution For A Hard Knock Life

Griffin-Nu-Form-Case.jpgNow that you've had some time to coddle your iPhone 3G, it's time you prepared it for the real world. Sliding on Griffin's Nu Form case will guarantee your gadget stays looking prim and proper, and

iPhone 3G – First Impressions

[click on image to enlarge]

GP.EDITORIAL.gifBy Ben Bowers - As I groggily took my place in line at unspeakably early Saturday morning hours, I questioned if all the hype was justified. My

Apple 3G iPhone

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Twice as fast. Half the price. Now that's a deal. Apple's unveiled the much anticipated 3G iPhone today and at a price far more palatable. The iPhone will operate on AT&T's highspeed 3G

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhoneIt's arrived to fanfare and some degree of sarcastic review by the naysayers but it's here nonetheless. The Apple iPhone. The iPod turn smartphone turn lust object. It's equipped with:

  • Optical grade glass touch screen
  • Apple OS X
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 4gb or 8gb hard drive
  • Accelerometer to sense