Issue Three

Das Beast

The 4×4 to End All 4x4s

Straight from Stuttgart, the seven-foot-tall colossus made to swallow compact cars whole.

In the Depths of the Nurburgring

Conquering The Green Hell

This is machine-kind's Everest. It bludgeons all who dare enter, chews up and spits out the unworthy, the impatient.

Speed, Style, Safety

The Ultimate Café Racer Kit

Mother always said, "Safety first." She’s right, of course, but a dose of style never hurt anybody, either.

Issue Three
Tearing Up Dunes in Triple-Digit Heat

The Best Side-by-Sides to Take On the Desert

With a pack of side-by-sides we headed to the Valley of Fire in southern Nevada, to subject them to a trial by fire, in the valley named for it.

Fresh Off the Press

Introducing Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Three

Our winter issue has arrived and three issues in, our bid remains the same: a rich, cinematic magazine chock full of people, product and places. Get yours today.

The Magazine
Secret Weapons

6 Pro Fishermen Name Their Go-To Lure

For an animal that follows a constant set of behaviors, a fish can be a damn hard creature to figure out. It no wonder the "go-to lure" is revered among fishermen.

An Insider's Tour

A Travel Guide to Los Angeles

Where to eat, drink and stay in L.A. -- a city that's imperfect but lovable, like America's problem child.

A Stone's Throw from NYC

A Travel Guide to the Hudson Valley

All travel to the Hudson Valley is driven by the same quiet search for the rare, the weird, the wonderful. Here's your guide.

Norrland's Gateway to Adventure

A Travel Guide to Umeå, Sweden

There are enough restaurants and bars to keep you full and tipsy in Umeå, the largest city in Norrland. But the real draw is the city’s true purpose as the gateway to northern Sweden, where outdoor adventure abounds.

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