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25 Minimalist Wallets that Fit the Bill

Reducing your wallet's contents reaps many benefits: it's cathartic, helps with prioritization, and, most of all, gives you the chance to get a new, minimalist version. But finding the right minimalist cash caddy can be overwhelming. There are all sorts of types to sort through: card wallets, slim wallets, very simple money clips, front pocket wallets and so on. Instead of categorizing and complicating things more, we've decided to round up the best picks that run the entire gamut. Read on and find the perfect Simoleon sleeve for your new, minimalist life.

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Patchwork Season: Stylish Quilted Vests to Layer (or Not)

It seems some folks jump straight from shirtsleeves to parkas when the autumn leaves begin to fall. No, vests are for those in-between days, the time when one extra layer over a thick sweater, a mug of hot cider and the company of a loved one is all we need to keep warm during a stroll through the park. But even when the atmosphere turns up the a/c, a vest beneath your overcoat does wonders; after all, 'tis the season to layer and layer some more. We've rounded up the best quilted vests -- each fashionable and cozy in its own right.


Today in Gear: September 10, 2013

Therm-O-Bottle-Gear-Patrol Aquaovo Therm-O Bottle
Beautiful, environmentally friendly, hot and cold: just like Leo DiCaprio when he refuses to return our texts. This chic bottle's double-walled, FDA-approved glass works toward optimal insulation and zero condensation; the natural bamboo lid is a


Today in Gear: August 28, 2013

TK-10-Trash-Krusher-Gear-Patrol Trash Krusher
A few basic truths: you cannot change the past; the sun will rise tomorrow; trash is icky. Instead of using your foot to mash down your garbage -- or worse, your hand -- this manual trash compactor,

Uncomplicated, for your wallet

Buying Guide: Affordable Complications

Watches that simply tell time are a dime a dozen, and sometimes close to a dozen a dime. But start adding more functions and things can get complicated -- and expensive. While we’re just starting to forgive the quartz watch for dealing a near death blow to our beloved mechanical timepieces, there’s no denying that when you want more bang for the buck, battery power is the way to go. You’ll pay dearly for dual time zones, flybacks, alarms and tide trackers on the mechanical side of the fence, but if you’re willing to put up with a tick-tick-tick seconds hand, we’ve found five watches that are happy to complicate your life for under (or around) five hundred dollars.

Summer Preview
Ferris Bueller's (Summer) Day Off

Kit: Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays are a thing to be put on a pedestal, the ultimate luxury for 9-to-5, Monday to Friday working stiffs. They're a chance to bug out as soon as possible, to hit the road or jump a train to the beach, a cabin in the woods or some other resplendent getaway. In any case, we can't just go into a summer Friday unprepared, men. We cannot go silently into that good mini vacation. What we need is a kit -- the perfect gear for the perfect summer Friday getaway.


Today in Gear: April 26, 2013

Doppelganger-Turn-Signal-Gloves-gear-patrol-tig Doppelganger Turn Signal Gloves
Two things tempt cyclists the world over: (1) back-handing car drivers and (2) flashing car drivers. With the click of a button, the flashers on the back of these cycling gloves blink to indicate a

Style Pick: Barbour + Jack Spade

Two prominent names in mens style come together to bring you a line of smart-looking waxed cotton bags and coats. Barbour, the British company that forged a tradition over almost 120 years, joins with Jack Spade, the Manhattan upstart 100 years

Noel Nomad

Gift Guide 2011 | 10 Picks for the Traveler

The person who coined the phrase "getting there is half the fun", clearly never had to travel by air, train, bus, or car during the holiday season. No amount of planning can ever guarantee a smooth journey, but having the "right

Look Good, Stay Dry(er)

Jack Spade Neptune Trench

GORE-TEX and its analogous water-proof brand-specific variants can be a life saver for camping or just getting to work in a down pour. The downside is that most jackets made using this material look better suited for Everest than

A Detail with Detail

Days of the Week Handkerchiefs by Jack Spade

days-of-the-week-handkerchiefs-by-jack-spade1Growing up, one thing I could always count on was my father having a handkerchief. His habit of carrying one was clearly generational and sadly it's fallen out of practice with the modern day man. That doesn't necessarily mean it was

Jack Spade Duffle

jackspade_duffle.jpgAs the holiday season nears so does the travel planning. Weekend getaways, quick trips home, holiday visits... Vegas. Get your gear in order and get it packed in this duffle from Jack Spade. It's made of weatherproofed cotton soaked in paraffin formulas for strength

Jack Spade Monza Flat Wallet

jackspade_wallet.jpgIn the heat of the summer the last thing you want is a bulging wallet weighing you down. As a matter of fact, this should be a year round notion. Take a moment and par down your wallet to an ID, a credit card