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Joby 3-Way Camera Strap

You've got a doozie of an SLR and a couple lenses that cost more than a semester of college tuition, but your camera strap looks like it was yanked off a pair of Fisher-Price binoculars. Luckily for you, Joby, who's

A Gorilla That's Too Bright To Ignore

Joby Gorrillatorch Blade

Flashlights are great for dark environments as along as you're willing to hold them. Headlamps free up your hands, but require that keep your noggin focused at the task ahead (literally). Lanterns are perfect for brightening up an area, but directing

The Absolutely Anywhere Hands-Free Light

Joby Gorillatorch

gt1-fusebox A while back, we alerted the photo-minded among you to the handy-dandy Joby Gorillapod, a line of flexible tripods. Now, seeing an alternate application for their knobby-legged creations, Joby has unleashed the Gorillatorch, an adjustable tripod flashlight that's

Oooh, Eeeee, Oooh, Ahhh-A (Low-Down Gorilla Sounds)

Joby Gorillapod SLR

gp2-feat-with-camHere at Gear Patrol, we really like taking pictures. That's why you see so much original photography here on the site (Yes, it's ironic to see a stock photo with this post, but how we gonna take a picture of