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Quite Possibly, The Best Grooming Experience You'll Ever Have

John Allan’s Full Service Experience


A scalp massaging shampoo, conditioning treatment, hot facial towel, professional haircut, manicure, shoe shine, beverage of choice, and a straight-razor shave. All done while coddled by full service attendants (who just so happen to be beautiful women) that fully understand the

Please Shave Responsibly

John Allan’s Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution

john-allans-slickwater-pre-shave-solution1Something magical happened to me this morning. My face actually felt fantastic. It seemed to me the texture of a baby’s arse... nary a single trace of irritation. After 10 years of battling a tough beard, razor burn, nicks, and in-grown

John Allan’s Bodywash

johnallan_bodywash.jpgThat $5 bottle of soap you bought at the drug store doesn't make the grade. Stop using it. It's full of chemicals that are mixed together hodgepodge and most likely it's not doing half the things it claims. Upgrade to John Allan's Bodywash and