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Your Guide to Home Fragrance

It's easy to change and improve the way our homes smell with comforting scents -- and we’re not talking about diffusers that plug into the outlet. These boutique home fragrances go the distance in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

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Today in Gear: November 7, 2014

Today in Gear: chocolate Horween chukkas, the interstellar Ural Motorcycle MIR, the Amazon Echo, fall fragrances and more.

Scent of a Man

Juniper Ridge

Not everyone wants to smell like a lumberjack. But for the rugged individualists who catch of whiff of fir trees and camp fires and think, "wow, sexy!", Juniper Ridge ($65+) has just the right scents. They're the world's only "wilderness fragrance distillery". If you're wondering what that designation means, their mission statement -- "We go to the mountains, harvest wild plants and distill natural fragrance" -- pretty much sums it up.


Today in Gear: August 7, 2013

Cyber-Tool-Lite-Swiss-Army-Knife-Gear-Patrol CyberTool Lite Swiss Army Knife
Counterintuitively, the CyberTool Lite is actually not a smaller version of Swiss Army's original Cyber Tool, but rather an expanded edition. This new arrangement keeps all the stainless steel specialty tools, like knives, hex,

That's nothing to sneeze at

Follow Your Nose: Five Small-Batch Colognes to Try Now

Look on your bookshelf, in your armoire, wherever you stash your toiletries. We’d bet a shiny buffalo nickel you’ve got one bottle of cologne there, maybe a second collecting dust. That one you've got smells like getting socked with a powdery diaper, but the the packaging made you think of white sand, bracing saltwater and azure skies. What happened? More to the point, how did you end up with that bottle? For all the energy men expend making decisions about what to buy (we should know), we put comparatively little effort into cologne. That changes now. We’re going to take some of the guesswork out by testing men’s cologne here at GP, starting with a look at five men's fragrances from niche brands we like.