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Today in Gear: March 22, 2016

Canvas tennis shoes from K-Swiss, a bracelet to keep sharks at bay, iPhone cases that keep your device tethered and much more.

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Today in Gear: October 26, 2015

A camera strap by HoldFast Gear, the Kicker Tool is perfect for backcountry skiers and snowboarders, Blaze's 300-lumen bike light and more.

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Today in Gear: October 6, 2015

The new Roots x Pendleton Woolen Mills collection, Igloo introduces the Party Bar, Escort's "most advanced radar detector" and more.

Go forth and perform

Kit: Summer Running

Warm weather: we can’t say enough good things about it. There’s something noble about putting on cold weather gear and sticking it out all winter, but running in the summer, sweat pouring off your brow, hat and clothing looking like the Bonneville salt flats, the first sip of Heed after a 20 miles in the scorching heat, runner babes in short shorts -- this is pure, unadulterated sport pleasure. Here’s the gear we’re wearing. If you’re prepping for a race or just like to hit the pavement for an hour after work, this stuff has performance written all over it.

Buying Guide
Kenny Powers Endorses Them. Need We Say More?

K-Swiss Tubes Run 100

K-Swiss may be known for their classic tennis and street sneakers, but with theTubes Run 100 ($75)they’re hoping to change that. Sold in ten different color ways and looking aggressive as hell, the Tubes Run 100 feature a durable Aoasta II rubber outsole, stay tied laces, k-EVA midsole cushioning, and of course Tubes™ technology. Yeah...

Advantage, You

K-Swiss Sublimated Tennis Polo & Combo Woven Short

Lately in Memphis, hot has been much of an understatement. 95°-100°+ temps plus humidity makes stepping outside more akin to stepping into a sauna. Worse yet, trying to play tennis on a court that’s been soaking in the sun for days on end. When it comes to staying cool while playing summer tennis can be...

We Equipped A Triathlete With A Pair. This Is His Take.

K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech

My friends who consider themselves fitness buffs tend to agree that there are few accomplishments as satisfying as completing a triathlon. Men’s Health, backs that with their 20 great reasons why you should do a triathlon. It’s alleged that the triathlon itself started sometime around the 1920’s in France, aptly called “Les trois sports,” where...

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