Just Add Meat

Grill ‘N Chill Tailgater with Draft System

There are grills and then there are grills. The Grill ‘N Chill Tailgater with Draft System ($3,500) might be more accurately described as a party on wheels though (make that chassis). Yes, it will cook your meat thanks to a whopping 24,000 BTU infrared-grill that achieves searing heat in 3 minutes flat, but there’s more...

Draught Beer Made Easy

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator

Draught beer is the ultimate party beverage. But let’s face it, unless you’ve got fraternity pledges to do the heavy lifting, kegs are an enormous pain. Mini kegs are the tiny answer to this problem, but dispensing these bad boys properly can seem as troublesome as dealing with a whole keg. That’s where EdgeStar ($160)...

Bringing the Pub to You

Newcastle DraughtKeg

When faced with the choice, most men will opt for a draft-poured beer over something bottled or canned. At least, I hope they do. Don’t get me wrong, individually packaged beers are good, but they lack the freshness and fullness that a draft can offer. So you can imagine the utter lack of productivity that...

Carlsberg DraughtMaster II

That first sip of beer after a long day at the office is bliss. Just like a gorgeous woman, a perfectly poured pint can make all the worries disappear, if just for a moment. Find yourself a comfortable spot in your perfect chair, lean back, take a sip out of that well-chilled glass, and let...

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