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Cook Like a Superhero (or Villain)

Boker Black Ceramic Kitchen Knives

By Gear Patrol reader Amos Kwon What would you get if you hybridized Bruce Wayne and Wolfgang Puck? A large, angry Austrian version of Squiggy from Lavergne and Shirley? Perhaps, but you'd also have someone who would use the dark

Sharp. Looking. Knife.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Folder

recon1 A pocket without a knife is like a pie sans the filling. It's just empty and useless. We'll give you a pass if you are wearing suit pants, but eventually you are going to dress down and fall back into the

Pack Your Blades Safely While on The Go

Monogrammed Knife Roll

mongrammed_knife_roll_3Perfect for the finicky chef in your life or aspiring knife thrower , this knife roll provides protection and a personal touch to a cook's most precious piece of preparation equipment. How do you like them alliteration apples? Made of water-resistance fabric,

Peerless Pinching Power

SOG PowerAssist


We've already taken the opportunity to introduce you to a few of SOG's outstanding blade offerings. Now we'd like you to meet one of their more versatile products, the PowerAssist multitool. To be clear, SOG offers a bevy of

Tactical Meets Practical

SOG Specialty Knives

sog-knives-gear-patrol1 The knife is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. This is certainly true, but a man's knife is so much more. The honed expression of the simplest machines, a good knife is an ever-ready and infinitely handy companion. Here

For the Rambo In All Of Us

KA-Bar Becker TacTool


The new Becker TacTool, from knife maker KA-Bar, is a pretty straightforward device. Made of 1/4" 1095 Cro-Van steel, it's a pry bar that "smashes, bashes, prys, hammers and cuts," multitasking with the sort of aplomb usually reserved

Man make fire. Gwaarrrg!

Tool Logic SL Pro 2


You might call us latter day Boy Scouts, but we at Gear Patrol have been riffing on a certain theme of late: Be Prepared. It's just that you never know in what situation you might

A Smorgasbord of Highly Honed Goodies

Columbia River Knife & Tool – CRKT

crkt-knife-tool1Every man needs a knife. Or ten. Either way, the necessity of a handy blade is a concept that I'm willing to stand by. Just like the men they serve, knives come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and special purposes.

Van Vacter Ice Cream Knife

An Ice Cream Knife Even Chuck Norris Would Approve

van_vacter_ice_cream_knife.jpgWith summer at an end, there’s still time left to enjoy your favorite indulgence, ice cream. And of course, Gear Patrol, we can’t just look at this creamy treat without finding the perfect tool to

Vulkanus Countertop Knife Sharpener

vulkanus.steel.countertop.knife.sharpener.jpgMost likely you're sharpening your knives incorrectly and ruining the blade. The Vulkanus Countertop Knife Sharpener takes out the guesswork from sharpening by giving you three different ways to sharpen using some of the toughest sharpener available. Better yet is the fact that it

Shun U2 Ultimate Utility Knife


Shun has a brand new utility knife and your kitchen. It's an all-purpose knife geared uses a straight-scalloped blade that excels in cutting through anything soft or hard without destroying the interior. VG-10 grade stainless steel forged with 33 high-carbon layers of SUS410 high-carbon steel

Calphalon Katana

calphalon_katana.jpgWhen it comes to steel cooking knives, the Germans and Japanese know their stuff. No shortage of good knives come from either of these countries but along with quality comes price. The Calphalon Katana knife set is a well priced set housed in

Buck 760 Summit Knife

buck_summitknife.jpg Buck Knives are no joke and neither are their multi-tools. The Buck 760 Summit Knife is a lockback knife with a partially serrated drop point blade made of 420 HC stainless steel. Basically, it takes a lot to lose it's edge. The multi-tool includes a

Spyderco ByrdRench PlainEdge

Spyderco Byrdrench GP CertifiedWe see a lot of interesting outdoor gear at GP. One of the few reoccurring items we come across are multi-tools which proliferate with each passing day. Enter the Byrdrench. A cutting edge industrial looking multi-tool

Victorinox Swiss Army GolfTool

Victorinox Swiss Army GolfToolThe one thing you don't need in golf is distractions, that includes the myriad of implements one needs on the course. You probably have half a dozen tools sitting in your bag right now just waiting to weigh you