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Today in Gear: April 3, 2015

Turn your phone into a smart remote, celebrate the coming Masters with adidas' limited-edition Azalea collection, Rapha's new Pack Jacket and more.

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Today in Gear: March 18, 2013

jack-rudy-cocktail-co-tonic-gear-patrol Jack Rudy Co. Tonic Water
You dropped a boatload of cash on the gin and vodka inhabitants of your liquor cabinet, so why are you mixing them with mass-produced swill? This tonic is small-batch made, blended with botanicals, cane

Sci-Fi Space Face Cream

Lab Series MAX LS Age-Less Face Cream


Lab Series, one of our favorite men's grooming brands, has recently engineered a new product, Max LS Age-Less Face Cream ($65). It comes at a price, but really is there a price when it comes to your face? After all,

Lab Series For Men Hand Cream

lab-series-for-men-active-hand-creamWinter is hell on your hands. Washing them only exacerbates the problem. Lab Series For Men's new intensely hydrating hand treatment avoids the typical greasiness found in Lubriderm or Vaseline lotions. It also adds a touch of aloe to condition your