Letters to GP

An Affordable Watch, Shoe Concerns and a dearth of puns

Letters to GP: May 2014

We read all of your letters. Here's the proof.

Reader Letters
Love, Hate and Caramel Waterfalls

Letters to GP: April 2014

You guys really like to write. We’re talking real letters here, longer and broader in scope and, in a few cases, more passionate than we've ever received before.

Reader Letters
Look at all this fan mail

Letters to GP: February 2014

You guys really like to write -- and not quick half-baked emails cobbled together over Chipotle. We’re talking real letters here. The point is, we appreciate your thoughtfulness, and in this latest batch of letters we were especially glad to hear from like-minded readers about Kawasaki Ninjas, luxury sedans and diving safety.

Reader Letters
Our inbox overfloweth

Letters to GP: July 2013

Our second edition of letters to the editor proves several things. 1. You guys are incredibly knowledgable on some pretty niche topics and we're pretty damn jealous impressed. 2. If there is something you don't know about and your pride is at stake, chances are our team can help equip you with answers (on the DL of course). And 3, you're still not afraid to remind us that we're definitely not perfect -- even if our display cases of participation trophies say otherwise.

Reader Letters
The Inbox is Now Open

Letters to GP: Here’s What You’re Saying

Ever since we started GP, there's been a steady stream of notes from audience members with something on their mind.We recently decided everyone could benefit from seeing some of the highlights from our frequent correspondence on a regular basis. There's a serious amount of collective wisdom, insight and passion that's simply too valuable to keep black boxed in the dialog of an email thread. So, moving forward, we'll be using this series to showcase our favorite correspondences on a bi-weekly basis. Here's our first batch.

Reader Letters

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