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More pixels, smaller package

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina

After flipping the middle finger to the rest of the laptop market with the MacBook Pro Retina last summer, it was only a matter of time before Apple's Midas touch turned to the smaller 13-inch companion. The new Apple

Light Pique

MacBook Pro 2011

With a raft of updates including the ultra-fast Thunderbolt I/O port technology (a snub at USB 3.0), the new MacBook Pros hardly qualify as an average mid-cycle refresh. The 15" and 17" MacBook Pros ($1,799-$2,499) are endowed with up to

Transforming Mac Laptops Into Desktops

Henge Docking Stations For Macs


Mac laptop users finally have a clean looking and space saving solution for using their MacBook or MacBook Pro like a desktop at home. Built to work with the majority of modern Apple portable computers from 2008 onwards (except the Air),

Suit Your Mac In Style

Vaja MacBook Pro iVolution Suit


Known for their exquisite hand made leather goods, Vaja's iVolution Suit for the MacBook Pro is possibly the most stylish Mac accessory we've ever laid eyes on. Completely customizable, buyers can choose everything from the color of the grip, outside leather,

Bringing Desktop Convenience to Laptops

Zemno DeskBook Pro Portable Docking Station


Five years ago, if you wanted a laptop that even remotely matched the power of a desktop, you'd have to kiss your dreams of portability goodbye. So-called "desktop replacement" machines were enormous, weighed more than Kathy Bates, and in most cases

Apple MacBook & MacBook Pro Multi-touch
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As predicted, Apple has released the Multi-Touch enabled MacBook Pros with Multitouch. The entire MacBook Pro lineup is now enabled with Penryn-based processors roaring in at 3.6 GHz with

MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro HD [New Release]

MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro HD Apple has finally hopped on board the LED revolution and released two new versions of the venerable MacBook Pro. The LED backlit displays yield up-to-an hour's worth of battery