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Today in Gear: April 8, 2013

hermes-keychain-gear-patrol Hermes Keychain
The spendaholic's mantra: If you can't afford luxury, downsize it. $280 ()
dreamcar-kickstarter-gear-patrol Dream Car
Any child or adult with a good imagination can release their

Which way to the theater?

Los Angeles Film Map

While it’s undeniably cool to adorn your home theater with minimalist or unique movie posters (like these, and these), we know your sound-proofed walls need art as nuanced as your taste in film itself. The Los Angeles Film

Where's the beef? Right here.

MoB | Contest: The Great Map of Beef

Update 2: Well fellow Beefeaters, it's been a long and arduously delectable Month of Beef. You've learned how to braise, order beef online and match your cut with your preparation. Hopefully you've enjoyed yourself, tried new things and maybe even

Fall asleep in New York, wake up in London

Haptic Lab City Quilts

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to sleep one off in the streets of London but can't leave your Hoboken homestead, you can trust an architect from the other side of Manhattan to have you covered --

Comforting Cartography

Soft Cities Blankets & Mapkins

Soft Cities is a fun little enterprise that allows users to rep their hood in a perfectly domestic fashion. Specifically, the San Francisco-based enterprise offers locally made blankets (lightweight fleece) and napkins (100% Kona cotton) that can all be customized

A better look at the Texas Capital

Herb Lester Austin on the Hoof Map

Planning on making a pilgrimage to South by Southwest (SXSW) in the coming weeks? Then pack Herb and Lester's latest edition to their excellent city guide series with you. Like all of their enhanced maps, Austin on the Hoof covers a

Insightful sightseeing

Herb Lester City Guides

For most people, the term travel guide triggers visions of stout books, stuffed to the margins with 10 point font and the occasional over-saturated color photo. Boutique firm Herb Lester and Associates rebels against this stereotype by working with exceptional

A Taste of What That Other 71% Looks Like

World Ocean Floor Map

The fact that we’ll never be able to check in with Foursquare on any point on this map, or post "I've been there" on Facebook, doesn’t detract at all from this accurate illustration of the ocean floor in our book. In

Show off your travel itch

Luckies Original Scratch Map

Mankind has been in the business of documenting adventures basically since writing was developed. Names like Darwin, Dickens, Jefferson, Melville, Roosevelt, de Tocqueville, Steinbeck, Swift, and Roosevelt, did it, and there are plenty more where that came from. With the hectic

X Marks Your Wall

Best Made Company Wood Block Print Vintage Maps

If you've even read one men's publication (online, blog, or traditional) then you've probably come across the axes by Best Made Company. Justifiably so, they're gorgeous. Best Made Company isn't just a one trick pony, though. These one-of-a-kind woodblock print