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Today in Gear: February 1, 2016

Phiaton's absurdly convenient headphones, an active-breathing shell, a credit card-sized phone battery and more.

Stay warm in the woods

20 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Nothing ruins a backpacking trip like a terrible night's sleep (or a lack of clean underwear, but if you can't figure that one out you're beyond our help). A good sleeping bag is the key to staying warm and dry when you're crashing under the stars -- so you're at your best crossing that next 8,000 foot mountain pass. Sleeping bag tech has made its way into the space age in the last few years: your 20-year-old bag from summer camp or the Boy Scouts is no longer up to snuff. Here's our list of the best 20°F (or below) bags to ensure comfort and safety for three-season camping.

Big bucket bag

Marmot Urban Hauler

Backpacks are ubiquitous, and sometimes too many pockets just means… too many pockets. In the case of the Marmot Urban Hauler ($50), less is more. Based on a centuries-old Japanese fishing bag, the Urban Hauler is as simple as a pack can get, short of a brown grocery bag and duct tape. Made of UpCycled...

And the thunder rolls

Marmot Thunder Road Component Jacket

Lighter and tighter, trimmer and thinner, the Marmot Thunder Road Component Jacket ($425) proves winter technical gear doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re about to embark on an Andes excursion. The two piece setup is comprised of an inner velour fleece liner for cozy warmth and a two-layer MemBrain shell, which features technology...

A grid you'll want to get caught in

Marmot Grid 2P

Marmot has married robust knowledge of waterproofing and outdoor gear with a modern European design aesthetic in the Grid 2P ($379). Perfect for a couple or outdoor duo, the Grid 2P continues the Euro-focused camping (fog, rain) but adds heavy-duty additions for harsh conditions including a hydrostatic fly and floor and a clever storm-pitch assembly...

Surviving a Cold Romance

Essential Gear: Winter Emergency Survival

Should you ever be in the unfortunate situation of being stranded in the winter, most survivalists advise that you stay in your vehicle and wait for help. This, of course, is the wisest course of action. Should you find it absolutely necessary to leave your vehicle to get help (for a loved one in medical...

Featherlight. Weatherstrong.

Marmot Den 4P Tent

With space for a family of four(+dog) or just a group of friends(+gear), the Marmot Den 4P Tent is an essential for any camping excursion that involves more bodies than just your own. The Den 4P provides 64 square feet of sleeping space and an additional 25 square foot vestibule, when you utilize the fully...

Every Man Needs A Rain Jacket. Else, Be Wet.

Marmot Essence Jacket

The Marmot Essence Jacket is just that - the essence of what you need in a rain jacket and nothing more. It keeps you dry, is light and breathable, and you'll find it eminently packable. The Essence gets a sound GP recommendation in the rain jacket department.

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