Ticking off the week's news in watches

This Week in Watches: July 21, 2015

Two hardcore divers, a titanium startup, a watch from Detroit that's not a Shinola, a music box shaped like a TIE Fighter and more.

Ticking off the week's news in watches

This Week in Watches: June 9, 2015

Pilots, divers and drivers from Switzerland, England and Germany fill out this week's new watches. And one horological machine.

Ticking off the week's news in watches

This Week in Watches: March 3, 2015

MB&F's last horological machine, two new Jaguar-inspired timepieces from Bremont, a new Pebble smartwatch and more.

Out of this world

Viewfinder: MB&F L’Epée 1839 Starfleet/Machine

One of the most innovative figures in the world of watchmaking is Maximilian Büsser, a former executive at Jaeger-LeCoutre. His collaboration with Swiss watchmakers L'Epee, the Starfleet/Machine, is a space-age monument to horology.

Ticking Off the Latest in Watch News

This Week in Watches: July 29, 2014

This Week in Watches: An affordable Kiwi travel watch, a Wright brothers Bremont, Moscow's time zone change and more.

We Tick Off the Latest in Watch News

This Week in Watches: May 13, 2014

This week in watches: Tsovet's line of automatics, Mayan timekeeping, Richard Mille in White, German blasphemy and much more.

Up or Down, it's high art

Face Value: MB&F LM1 Xia Hang

The LM1 Xia Hang, which gains its surname from Xia Hang, a Chinese artist known for his “comma men”, is a high-art version of an already high-art watch: the MB&F LM1, a beautiful timepiece that takes classic pocket watch characteristics and adds 21st century -- hell, even 22nd century -- twists.

This is not your grandfather's clock

Miki Eleta Hippocampus

Miki Eleta debuted his latest masterpiece, the Hippocampus, at MB&F's M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland. To call the Hippocampus a mere clock, however, is to miss the forest for the trees. Yes, it tells time -- quite accurately, thanks to Miki's eponymous escapement -- but its raison d'être is to inspire the soul through both sight and sound.

Original Series
Departures are bittersweet

MB&F HM2-SV Final Editions

You may remember that earlier this year we found ourselves quite fixated with the fantastic(al) timepieces of MB&F. Specifically, the MB&F HM3 Frog. As a final send off, MB&F has created two special (if special does them descriptive justice) editions of their HM2 model. Called the Sapphire Vision, the sci-fi-like creations can be had with...

The Fixation | MB&F HM3 Frog

It’s amazing what “relentless pursuit” can achieve. In the case of MB&F, the Horological Machine N°3 Frog or HM3 Frog. MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends) is a consortium of timepiece artisans and professionals with an ingeniously simple yet incomprehensibly difficult mission: to design and craft a radical timepiece every year. You can summarily call it,...

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