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Briefings: Gift Guides Galore

A cheery wave of holiday gift lists are upon us (we're partly to blame) -- but hey, who doesn't like some guidance? Life is hard, and so is buying quality presents for the people you care about. Our suggestions? Research

What hurts and how to fix it

The Athlete’s Guide to Home Remedies

If you’re actively living your life, some kind of injury is inevitable. The trick is to find a happy medium between daily doctor appointments, and “toughing it out” until the injury gets nasty. That’s why we were happy to find The

Empower Your Holiday Weekend, iPhone Style

3 Great Labor Day (Holiday) iPhone Apps for Men


Labor Day Weekend is the last great three-day weekend of the year and a perfect chance to either take things low-key or hardcore. To many, it marks the end of summer, but we like to think of it as a holiday