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Charge the Depths

Timekeeping: Zuriner Depth Charge ZV-01

What defines a good homage watch? The horological essentials have to be there, not just the aesthetic cues. A good homage watch doesn't equate to an exact copy, by any means. Rather, it's defined by quality, echoes of the original and

The dream becomes reality

Timekeeping: RedSea Holystone

How many watch geeks have dreamed of starting a watch company? Well, for two guys from Minneapolis, the dream has become reality. Last year, we told you about a new dive watch micro-brand, RedSea. At that time, they only had

Won't Blaze Your Wallet

Steel Blaze

steel-blaze-watch-gear-patrolIf you're looking for a sub $200 watch that's got physical substance and a distinctive nod to Panerai design, you might want to divert your attention to Steel Blaze Watches. The Steel Blaze watch measures in at 45mm (11mm thick) with

Watches Under The Radar... But Not For Long

5 Watch Brands You Should Know


By Benjamin Clymer | Hodinkee

A lot of what we do at Hodinkee is identifying brands that deserve some attention from watch fans around the world. In this article, we are going to be talking about five brands that fly

One Benjamin Goes Further Than You Think

10 Best Watches Under $100

10-best-watches-under-100 A wristwatch is a must have for any man. Quite simply, it completes his wardrobe. I would even venture to say that a man looks naked without one. In fact, it's probably the only universally acceptable accessory for guys. We understand

EBEL 1911 BTR Calibre 137

EBEL 1911 BTR Calibre 137 Defined by their bold aesthetics and sophisticated technical features, the new 1911 BTR models reaffirm Ebel’s expertise at creating watches designed to fulfill contemporary men’s tastes and desires. Features:

  • Brushed and Polished Steel
  • Sapphire Crystal Display
  • C.O.S.C. Certified Automatic GMT

EOS Master In Blue Watch

EOS New York Master In Blue [from EOS] EOS is a young fashion house based out of New York’s trendy Flatiron district. Offering cutting edge accessories that reflect the young urban culture, EOS is the perfect accent