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Today in Gear: December 24, 2014

Coffee beans from all over the world, Glenfiddich's limited edition single malt whisky, the Meridian Explorer², Evelo's Omni Wheel turns any bike into an electric one and more.

An empire once again?

The Horological State of the Union Jack

The 1700s really were the halcyon days of horological innovation and most of it was happening in the British Isles. In 1800, some reports say that Britain made half the world’s watches, around 200,000 a year. By 1900 however, production numbers had fallen to roughly 100,000, though worldwide consumption was by then in the millions. So what happened? And where does British timekeeping stand today?

The British Watch Issue
The Battle of Britain

British Watch Shootout

The three watch companies at the vanguard of the British timekeeping renaissance -- Bremont, Christopher Ward and Schofield -- represent very different approaches, price points and designs. Yet they share one thing: a distinctively British take on the wristwatch. We spent some time with each to establish a solid cross section of timepieces from across the pond. Put the kettle on and settle in for our impressions.

The British Watch Issue

Today in Gear: November 21, 2013

Meridian Prime Headphone Amp Meridian’s newest audio toy will please headphone jockeys everywhere: with both digital and analog inputs, the tiny Prime does double duty. It’ll function as a headphone amplifier or a preamplifier should it connect directly into speakers or active speakers. Prime boasts 24 bit/192kHz native conversion capacity, a 6-layer PC board, direct-coupled...

Inline Magic

Meridian Explorer

The Meridian Audio Explorer ($299) is a portable USB DAC designed for the Jony Ive age that transforms traditional computer listening into a hi-fi experience with minimal fuss. It's small, incredibly easy to set up, and designed to blend seamlessly with other high-end electronics you already own. It also retails for a reasonable $299, despite being made in England using the same exacting standards Meridian applies to gear with price points that make car dealers blush.


Today in Gear: November 13, 2013

Rocksmith 2014 How much better would you be at math had you learned your times tables while playing Zelda? Okay, maybe not the best analogy, but a similar principle is at play with Rocksmith 2014. It’s basically a video game that teaches guitar; in fact, Ubisoft claims that in 60 days players/students will show a...

This one goes to 29

Breakdown: Meridian Signature Reference System

Smart folks in Cambridge, Massachusetts have estimated that the average American will spend a little under five and a half years driving during their lifetime. Meridian Audio and Land Rover have teamed up to make those years a bit more enjoyable. Drop 135,995 of your bucks on the Autobiography edition of the 2014 Range Rover and you’ll get the honor of experiencing the Meridian Signature Reference System: a 1700-watt, 29-speaker goliath of a system. And it's even better than those numbers suggest. We break it down for you.

Today in Gear: August 6, 2013

Eddie Bauer Power Katabatic Tent Modern camping isn’t so much about getting away from it all as it is getting away from a lot (if not some) of it all: if you can’t see or easily reach concrete, you’re technically camping. Eddie Bauer has answered the call of the semi-wild with this Goal Zero collaboration...

Prime cut

Time on Our Hands: Meridian Prime MP-01

A mix of precision and ruggedness has long defined the history of British watches, and that tradition is being carried forward by young companies like Bremont and Schofield, whose designs and sensibilities conjure up images of ships’ chronometers, RAF flying aces, lonely lighthouses and polar explorers. The latest British brand to jump into the fray, Meridian, hopes to espouse the same in their MP-01 ($6,000) timepiece. Does the Prime MP-01 achieve its goal? We aimed to find out.


Today in Gear: April 15, 2013

Meridian DSP520 Digital Active In-wall Speaker When your lavish personal movie theater is due for an upgrade, think slim. Meridian’s new in-wall speakers are designed to tuck unobtrusively out of the way while still offering an ultra high-quality audio experience that plays nicely with other Meridian systems. Install them vertically or horizontally — even in...

Another British Invasion

Meridian Prime MP-01

The Meridian Prime MP-01 (~$5,885) features a highly readable sandwich dial with SuperLuminova shining through the hour markers and a one-piece stainless case, a beautiful creation from a proud pair of British watchmakers.

Redefining "desktop audio"

Meridian Desktop Audio System

Like Aston Martin and Land Rover to autos, the British are renowned for their high-end hi-fi markers. Meridian, a stalwart brand whose wares are normally relegated for obliteration of year-end bonuses has created a stunning desktop system by combining their fantastic Audio Core 200 ($3,000) and DSP3200 ($6,000) digital active loudspeakers. A cool 9 grand...

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