Ticking off the week's news in watches

This Week in Watches: August 4, 2015

Emmanuel Bouchet debuts a new brand, a Swatch for the beach, new Autodromo driving glove colorways and more.

Ticking off the week's news in watches

This Week in Watches: December 23, 2014

Mondaine honors a ubiquitous font, Linde Werdelin takes composite case making to a new level, HODINKEE's tailor-made sport coat and more.

Odd and Proud

Time Is Money: Figuring Out the Unconventional Mondaine Stop2Go

There are a couple of things that sober up a man. A grievous insult to one's woman in a bar does it; cold night air is surprisingly effective; some swear by a black cup of coffee. And breaking something expensive will do it too, melt the slight warmth of the cheeks into a chilly sweat that dews the brow. I felt that recently, when I did something to mess up a Mondaine Stop2Go ($725) I'd been lent for testing.

Neutral, yet alarming

Face Value: Mondaine EVO Alarm

Switzerland is known for many things, chief among them its fine watches, its excellent railway system and its picturesque mountains. So it was fitting for more reasons than one that we grabbed a Mondaine EVO Alarm ($475) to take along on a recent hiking trip in the Alps.

Right on time

Mondaine Swiss Railway Clock

If you’ve been to Switzerland — or just watched The Eiger Sanction or The Bourne Identity — you may have seen the clocks of the venerable Schweizerische Bundes Bahnen (SBB), or Swiss Federal Railway service. The clock design, created in 1944 by then-SBB employee Hans Hilfiker, is instantly recognizable. Black points stand starkly against a...

Original Series

Mondaine Swiss Railway Clocks

The classic design by Hans Hilfiker is iconic. The railway clock is a standard throughout Europe and it’s instantly legible without garish design. There are over 3000 of these clocks in stations keeping precision time with their German clock movements. What this means to you: Get yourself a little European time flair and pick up...

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