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30 Essential Movies | Dirty Harry

dirty-harry-blu-ray-30-essential-moviesDirty Harry follows Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) as he pursues Scorpio, a psychopathic sniper. Never one to go by the book Harry hunts Scorpio relentlessly as he leaves a trail of innocent bodies in his wake. Continuously waylaid by politically

30 Essential Movies | The Godfather (Trilogy)

the-godfather-trilogy-blu-ray-essential-movies-gear-patrolThough technically a trilogy, splitting them up into separate parts is just wrong. The fact is, your DVD collection needs The Godfather in its entirety. Arguably the best trifecta of films ever made, The Godfather is based on the 1969 book

F*$%&@#! Finally

Netflix Streaming On PS3


After what seems like ages, it finally appears that Sony and Netflix have reached an agreement to bring the movie company's glorious streaming service to over 9 million U.S. PS3 units in November. This is a major boon to current PS3

Peter Jackson Comes Back to Direct

The Lovely Bones

the_lovely_bones_movie_posterSince the release of King Kong in 2005, over the last 4 years Peter Jackson has taken a brief hiatus from the world of film. District 9, which is now in theaters, finally marked his reintroduction as a producer, but

If Tarantino Loved It, Chances Are, You Will Too

Inglorious Bastards (Original) on Blu-Ray

ingloriousbastards_blueray_leadYes, though you may not have known it, the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film is actually a remake of this 1978 international smash. Originally characterized by the ad tag line, "Whatever The Dirty Dozen did, they do it dirtier!" and available tomorrow

Put's the "Must" in "Must-See"

The Hurt Locker

hurt-locker-lead-image By Gear Patrol Reader Philippe Iujvidin: The Hurt Locker is the latest in a batch of Iraq War films; Jarhead, The Kingdom, Rendition, and Stop-Loss are others that come to mind. The Hurt Locker can be only loosely tied to these other

*Besides The Blockbusters

15 Movies* You Should Watch In 2009


For some, film is religion, and no temple is more sacred than the art house cinema around the corner. Serving as a calm voice of reason in a sea of neon megaplexes, the art house is the perfect refuge for discovering

AMC Best Picture Showcase

best-picture-showcase.jpg By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng Oh, I love a great deal. So much so that I see a buffet, not as a meal, rather, as a challenge to see if I can eat more than the cost of admission


300.jpgUndoubtedly you've heard of 300, the ab-laden man candy movie that men still want to watch twice. It's a special effects masterpiece with just a touch of heart and endless reasons to inspire more training at the gym.

If not, here's a synopsis:

Transformers – The Movie


We'll keep this one short. Go watch Transformers.

Oh, and keep a close eye on the trailer for the new J.J. Abrams movie codenamed Cloverfield which is sure to garner a lot of buzz over the next