The New Zealand Issue

From Chef Paulina Corvalan

How to Make: Asian-Style Stir Fry Paua

Great chefs use the best ingredients, and fresh-caught paua is an ur-ingredient. Chef Paulina Corvalan does a small bit to make it just a touch better.

The New Zealand Issue
Skip the Gift Shop

Elements: Souvenirs from Lands Afar

Big or small, souvenirs should remind us of a place once traveled. Here are 10 items that form a breadcrumb trail of one recent adventure through New Zealand.

The New Zealand Issue
The Kiwi Can Do

Foraging in Fiordland with the Chef of Redcliff

Chef Ryan Murray of The Redcliff in Te Anau took us out for a day fishing. We didn't catch anything, so he invited us to his home and cooked up something better.

The New Zealand Issue
The Adventure Capital of the World

72 Hours in Queenstown

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world. But it's also teeming with Kiwi culture and culinary arts.

The New Zealand Issue
Fishing for a Nation's Best, One Catch at a Time

An Inside Look at New Zealand’s Sustainable Fishing Practices

In a small fishing village 60 miles north of Auckland, Lee Fish is a world leader of sustainable and humane fishing practices, all in the name of quality. We paid them a visit to learn how.

The New Zealand Issue
Friends in Far Places

Kiwi to the Core: The Faces of New Zealand

Despite New Zealand's reputation as one of the world's most scenic countries, the warm, hospitable people that live there provide all the more reason to visit.

The New Zealand Issue
And How to Order Them

The 5 Best Cups of Coffee in New Zealand

With a surplus of hip, new cafés popping up across New Zealand, Kiwis have elevated their coffee game to compete among the best in the world. Here's where you'll find the best cups.

The New Zealand Issue
150 Miles, 4 Bikes, 1 Dairy Farm

Cycling the South Island, A Film

What happens when four friends go cycling in New Zealand? Alpine lakes, nudity and one man's quest to drink raw milk.

The New Zealand Issue
Riding Through Dairy Country

Postcard: Raw Milk, Roadside

In search of raw milk during a two-day bike ride in New Zealand. A pit stop proves fruitful.

The New Zealand Issue
Keeps it Comfy Down Under

The Ultimate New Zealand Cycling Kit

100 miles is a long time in the saddle, even in a beautiful Middle Earth landscape. This kit will save your ass.

The New Zealand Issue
Two Wheels, Two Islands

The 10 Best Road Biking Routes in New Zealand

Some might have you believe that the best way to see New Zealand is dangling from the end of a bungee cord. But you'll get to see more of it on a bicycle.

The New Zealand Issue
Gubb & Mackie on NZ Style

Stitching a New Label on “Heritage” Menswear

Gubb & Mackie started in 1949 manufacturing garments for the New Zealand Navy. Today, at the forefront of New Zealand menswear, the brand balances that history with an urban sensibility and devotion to wearability.

The New Zealand Issue
The Understated Glory of Secondary Cuts

How to Make: Skirt Steak with Iceberg Wedge

Celebrity chef Al Brown's favorite recipe from his restaurant Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar is a celebration of secondary cuts and vegetables.

The New Zealand Issue
The Wellington Chocolate Factory

Chocolate, from Bean to Bar

Miriam Ramos is pint-sized, but she packs a punch. Her chocolate, a bar-manifestation of her personality, also kicks ass.

The New Zealand Issue
With A Recipe From Ponsonby Road

How to Make: Wagyu Brisket Like a Pro

Wagyu beef is prized for intense marbling and succulent flavor. This recipe from Orphans Kitchen in Auckland, NZ utilizes a cheaper cut from the cattle and transforms it into a knockout dish.

The New Zealand Issue
The Best Meal in New Zealand

An Auckland Eatery Is Redefining NZ Cuisine

Ponsonby Street in Auckland has a lot of hip shit. Leading that pack is a humble restaurant set in the heart of the neighborhood, Orphans Kitchen.

The New Zealand Issue
As Told by Greg Townsend

5 Great Surf Spots in New Zealand

In 1995, Greg Townsend became the first full-time employee of Surfing New Zealand, helping to establish the country as the top-tier surfing destination that it is today. Here he shares his five favorite places around New Zealand to catch a wave or two.

The New Zealand Issue
Chef Matt Lambert Explains

How to Make: Venison with Flavors of Gin

Good food comes from simple inspiration. This one joins two of Chef Matt Lambert's favorite things: meat and gin. Easy enough.

The New Zealand Issue
New Zealand Cuisine in New York

A Kiwi Chef Earns a Michelin Star

Matt Lambert may be the best chef to ever come out of New Zealand. Or, at least, that little Michelin star helps the argument.

The New Zealand Issue
Cardrona Merino Lamb, Central Otago style

How to Make: Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder

The award-winning bistro at Amisfield winery cooks up a dish that speaks to the quality of local produce of Central Otago, New Zealand.

The New Zealand Issue
White (and Purple) Gold

The 10 Best Wineries of New Zealand

New Zealand's 11 wine regions are growing in popularity; wine is now the country's sixth-largest export. That's largely due to an explosion of styles beyond its well-recognized sauvignon blanc at some fantastic wineries.

The New Zealand Issue
Riding Wild Down Under

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Rides in New Zealand

Toothy peaks, moss-draped rain forests, boiling mud pools, steep-walled fjords and outlandish animals? Get on a mountain bike to see them all in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Issue
Down The Long Driveway

Inside the Mid-Century Homes of New Zealand

In 2013, photographer Mary Gaudin photographed the modernist homes of her native country. But instead of focusing purely on the architectural elements, she captured the way these homes are lived in.

The New Zealand Issue
New Zealand's Cup of Choice

How to Make the Perfect Flat White

Invented in Australia, pioneered and perfected in New Zealand, the flat white embodies the spirit of New Zealand's budding coffee culture.

The New Zealand Issue
What's New, Now

Today in Gear, New Zealand Edition: April 20, 2015

From a country bountiful in natural resources, here are a few of the most exciting products you’ll find coming out of New Zealand, including a Merino wool henley, a quirky new photo app for your smartphone, skin-saving sunscreen and more.

A Travel Guide to New Zealand

Lands Afar

We traveled to New Zealand this winter to see what adventure looks like on the opposite side of the planet.

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