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This Week in Culture: September 5, 2014

This Week in Culture: IKEA's images are fake, send-ups of a Linkin Park jam, the discovery of a giant dinosaur, the NFL's secret finances and more.


Today in Gear: February 7, 2014

Today in gear, we find a rectangular planter for the Apple fanboy, limited-run salvaged leather wallets, colorful stools (not that kind) inspired by canoes, a bullet-like Jeep and more.

Not just a fantasy

NFL Game Rewind

If your fandom/fantasy addiction borders on the insane, NFL Game Rewind ($35+) will only steepen a downward spiral of screaming at the television. The online service allows subscribers to replay any game from the 2009-2011 and current regular season on

Show Team Pride with Style

Retro NFL Sweaters by Junk Food


Everyone knows that Thanksgiving in America is about three things: family, food, and football. So, in the spirit of you sitting down to catch one if not all three games playing tomorrow (Packers v. Lions, Raiders v. Cowboys, or Giants v.

ManPoll Results: NFL or College Football?


GP.EDITORIAL.gifA few weeks ago we asked GP readers if they preferred College or NFL football. A 110 of you voted and after our ridiculously scientific analysis we determined this: You guys pretty much love football. There you

Virtual Signing Bonus For The Armchair Quarterback

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket

Virtual Signing Bonus For The Armchair Quarterback

Must... see... more... football...

If there was ever a reason for you to wish you had a clear view of the Southern skies*, it's DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. A literal

Madden NFL 09

One Step Closer To Actually Being Roger Goodell

The holy grail of virtual gridirons

Believe it or not, that most magical of annual gaming occurrences is upon us once again. Yes, prepare to burn one of

Gear Patrol Salute – NY Giants

superbowl.nygiants.helmet.jpgThe New York Giants pulled off what just might be the biggest upset in sports history at Super Bowl XLII on Sunday. They were able to overcome the most dominant team in the NFL in recent memory, the hype of the media, and

Wilson Official NFL “Duke” Game Ball

wilson_theduke.jpg New for the 2007 season, the official NFL® leather game ball by Wilson is the epitome of footballs. It's constructed with high-quality leather for top performance at the highest level and the ball features NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's signature. Best part is that